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4 Simple, Natural Solutions for High Blood Pressure!

High blood pressure is a serious condition and one that has a number of prescription drugs available. But are there more natural ways to keep it under control? Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses four key things that can be used to naturally get blood pressure under control!

Time: 15:55   Views: 156188

The REAL Danger With Cholesterol

Is cholesterol really as bad as it's been made out to be? Sally Fallon Morell is the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She discusses cholesterol in our blood and in our food and explains what the difference is. She also talks about high and low cholesterol in the blood and which one is really the one you should be concerned about.

Time: 2:50   Views: 6227

5 Steps to Naturally Relieve Pain Within 6 Weeks

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has some simple, inexpensive and safe ways to help naturally relieve pain. He says its also important to find out where your pain is coming from and what that could mean in terms of other potential health conditions.

Time: 3:26   Views: 4678

CAUTION! Dental Work Could Set Off a Time Bomb in Your Body!

Dr. Hal Huggins discusses how many dental materials may set off otherwise dormant bacteria in your body. He also mentions a number of diseases that could result. Dr. Huggins also discusses a new test that helps explain why some people are more prone to these dental materials than others.

Time: 4:56   Views: 4941

You're Killing Your Energy by Doing This in the Morning!

This is part 3 of a 9 part interview. Here Dr. Jennifer Landa discusses some of the danger of what food you start your day with. Your energy for the day could stem from that first meal. Find out why. Also, find how long it typically takes to change habits and your lifestyle.

Time: 1:57   Views: 92526

5 Steps to Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes!

Dr. Don Colbert is the author of a book that guides you through reversing type 2 diabetes. Here he talks about the steps that can help accomplish this and avoid more serious health concerns down the road.

Time: 7:41   Views: 24463

5 Things to Avoid to Become More Alkaline

Naturopath Ann Boroch discusses the importance of an alkaline diet. She mentions a number of things you should avoid to help get your body in a more alkaline state. She also discusses how candida, acidity and cancer may be connected.

Time: 3:56   Views: 110302

This Should Make up 90% of Our Medical Attention. Why Isn't It?

Dr. Ryan Bradley discusses the fact that the medical community is really missing one big aspect of health care. Find out what he says we should be paying much more attention to when it comes to overall health, and specifically, certain conditions. Also find out why it's not the case.

Time: 2:20   Views: 2895

Caution! This is The Most Toxic Piece of Equipment in Your Home!

Dr. Stephen Sinatra discusses what he calls the 'greatest toxic piece of equipment you can have in your house.' Most people watching this likely still have them in their houses. Find out what simple steps you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Time: 2:18   Views: 13358

You'll Never See Prescription Drugs the Same After This!

Gwen Olson is a former pharmaceutical sales representative. She discusses her experience in the business and includes a powerful example of when she realized it wasn't just a sales job anymore. This tragic story exemplifies how she had the power to affect people's health and lives.

Time: 6:28   Views: 18652

Reduce 80% of Your Body's Toxins in 3 Weeks With These Tips!

Almost everyone has a buildup of toxins in their body. It's hard to avoid today. What can that buildup lead to? A number of health conditions. But Dr. Walter Crinnion is an expert on the topic. He mentions a couple of things you can do to drastically reduce the amount of toxic overload and potentially get yourself healthier!

Time: 8:29   Views: 178890