Tongkat Ali is a Superior Sex Enhancer - Article

Tongkat ali, an aphrodisiac prized for centuries, will be featured on television. HP Ingredients, supplier of Tongkat ali raw material known as LJ100, has announced that Tongkat ali will be the subject of the second episode of the new Medicine Hunter television series, developed and hosted by ethnobotanist, author and lecturer Chris Kilham and his media partner Mitchell Stuart of HQ Productions. HP Ingredients and The Malaysian Herbal Corporation will be underwriting Kilham’s travel to Malaysia.

Kilham and Stuart have been signed by The Healthy Living Channel, part of The Turner Media Group, to produce a series about botanical medicines from around the world that have become popular dietary supplements in the United States. The Medicine Hunter series will take viewers on exotic journeys and meetings with local medicine men/shamans, research facilities and other locations where the herbal medicine is used. This rich adventure is led by Kilham, who is known worldwide as The Medicine Hunter, and promises to be a rewarding and enriching viewing experience.

“We are extremely proud that Chris chose to profile the medicinal origins, indigenous use and current research and manufacture of Tongkat ali in its natural environment...Malaysia,” says Annie Eng, president of HP Ingredients. “The Tongkat ali story is compelling, and will not only be entertaining for viewers, but highly educational. Chris will interview Dr. Johari Saad, who is known as the “Tongkat Ali King” and several other research scientists who are involved in researching and creating LJ100.

Eng notes that the episode will feature visits to a Tongkat ali harvesting in Sarawak (the world’s oldest rainforest), the Dayak settlement at their long house to spotlight their history of use of Tongkat ali, traditional herbal stalls at the Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur, a Tongkat ali plantation at Forest Research Institute Malaysia, and Orang Asli settlement in West Malaysia where they harvest the root in the rainforest. Kilham will also interview traditional medicine men and women, the scientists who pioneered Tongkat ali research and have created LJ100, officials at the Malaysian Herbal Corporation and other experts.

Says Kilham, “I want to focus on Tongkat ali because it enjoys a long history of safe use, it comes from an exotic part of the world, it has a very bright future as a superior sex-enhancer, and it enjoys a body of strong groundbreaking science.”

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