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L-theanine May Boost Attention for Anxious Folks

Daily supplements of L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea, may help people with anxiety focus on their daily activities, according to a study coming out of Japan, published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

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Blueberries May Reverse Age-Related Mental Decline

A new study with lab rats suggests that supplementing with blueberries for one month may slow and even reverse the decline in mental function associated with age.

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Anti-Diabetes Potential Seen for Resveratrol

Daily supplements of resveratrol may improve how the human body responds to insulin, the hormone responsible for sugar and fat metabolism, Hungarian researchers report for the first time.

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Omega-3 Dose Discussed for Reducing Cardiac Arrest Risk

Daily doses of omega-3s of at least 250 mg are required to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death and other heart conditions, a new review and meta-analysis says.

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Male Reproductive Health May Benefit from Vitamin D

Vitamin D could play a key role in improving male reproductive health, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark.

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Broccoli Sprouts Show Benefits for Diabetics

Powdered broccoli sprouts may boost antioxidant defenses in people with diabetes, suggest findings from a randomized clinical trial in Iran.

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Omega-3 May Reduce Depression Symptoms in the Elderly

Daily omega-3 supplements may reduce the occurrence of the symptoms of depression in elderly women, says a new study from Italy that adds to the ongoing debate over omega-3 and mood.

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L-Carnitine Supplementation Can Boost Athletic Performance

L-carnitine supplementation can increase L-carnitine levels in muscles and boost athletic endeavor, United Kingdom researchers have found after a 30-year search to locate the optimum L-carnitine delivery mechanism to the musculature.

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