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Founded in 1969 in Fargo, ND, Swanson Health Products has been providing quality natural health supplements and vitamins to consumers across the globe. They have a wide selection of vitamins and supplements, including CoQ10ubiquinol, digestive enzymes and konjac root fiber, as well as organic foods, for sale online and through their monthly mail-order catalog. Swanson Health Products takes pride in educating customers by offering them the latest health articles, and they provide weekly research updates on new findings and discoveries from within the natural health industry. Since 2001 the company has voluntarily participated in independent third-party Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits to help ensure the quality of their products.

For more information, visit SwansonVitamins.com or connect with them on their health blog. If you are interested in shopping at Swanson Health Products, they would like to offer you a Swanson Vitamins promo code or coupon.


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