Thomas E. Levy M.D., J.D.

Thomas E.  Levy M.D., J.D.Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D.
Cardiologist and Author

Dr. Thomas E. Levy is a board certified cardiologist and the author of six books on health-related issues including, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases & Toxins, and The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry & Medicine. He is currently at work on a 7th book, Death by Calcium: The Supplement That Kills. His work is centered on how to restore and maintain good health in the toxic world we inhabit and how to deal with the daily challenges we must face. He no longer practices medicine and cardiology, devoting himself fully to research and writing at this time.

During the last 10 years Dr. Levy’s work has been centered primarily on the importance of maintaining a healthy antioxidant status in the body. His current work focuses on the importance of liposomal technology as a way to optimally deliver vitamin C, glutathione, and other nutrients to the body orally in an attempt to match, or surpass the bioavailability seen with the intravenous administration of these antioxidants. He has also written extensively on dental toxicity issues and the best way to support good immune function. 

For more information visit TomLevyMD.com or LivOnLabs.com.


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