Marjolein Brugman

Marjolein  Brugman Marjolein Brugman
Founder of lighterliving

Marjolein Brugman is the Founder of the lighterliving website and is responsible for making the AeroPilates Method mainstream. After a serious accident 15 years ago she discovered the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates and the magical way it transforms how the body looks, moves and feels. She has been educating women all over the world about this life changing system via videos, DVDs, workshops and television

A renowned health and fitness authority, Brugman is profoundly dedicated to total body wellness. She started her Pilates training in New Mexico in 1997. Her dedication to the understanding of postural health, combined with her vast teacher training, has made her the perfect spokesperson for the AeroPilates Method. Brugman manufactured the first “at home” Pilates machine in 1995, and continues to produce all the educational instructional material for its use. Her decision to launch lighterliving grew out of her passion to share her story with others, promoting the philosophy that being well can be a simple affair, that menopause can be an empowering life-transition, and that women can age gracefully while remaining strong and independent. 

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