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Is Cancer Really A Cause of Death?

Dr. Michael Farley discusses his findings as a forensic pathologist. After doing many autopsies on cancer patients, he found that most, if not all died from something other than the cancer itself. But cancer is almost always listed as the cause of death.

Time: 3:38   Views: 229127

Think Coconut Oil Is a Healthy Option? This Might Make You Think Differently!

Dr. Peter Glidden comments on the health benefits of coconut oil. It's become such a popular product, but Dr. Glidden cautions that it may not be as great as everyone thinks. Find out why and what he says are better options.

Time: 2:05   Views: 11341

Glutathione in the Body

Dr. Thomas E. Levy explains how glutathione is the most important intracellular antioxidant for the body. It works with vitamin C to optimize health and fight disease.

Time: 3:14   Views: 60461

Natural Help for Gout

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains what gout is, its symptoms, how to help your body deal with the pain and to treat the cause. He cautions against drugs commonly used to treat gout.

Time: 3:59   Views: 22109

Amazing New Insight Into Bone/Joint Health. The Last 1:30 Will Blow Your Mind!

Prescription arthritis medications are one of the top sellers in this country annually. Dr. Peter Glidden explains how those medications work and why they may be harmful to your health. The last 90 seconds of the interview gives an unbelievably great wrap on the use of these medications and what is wrong with them!!

Time: 6:35   Views: 27404

Antioxidant Balance is Essential to Health

Dr. Thomas E. Levy discusses why it's important to get a balance of various antioxidants to optimize health, including B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D.

Time: 4:28   Views: 69266

The Main Reasons We Get Cancer Are Simple!

How do we get cancer? it's one of the biggest health questions people face. Bob Wright, director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute, says the answer is more simple than people think, and there is something you can do to prevent it!

Time: 2:37   Views: 10043

This Is the Most Important Antioxidant

Dr. Don Colbert clears up some antioxidant confusion. He discusses what he calls the 'most important antioxidant' and explains why that is the case. Find out cellular health and how this antioxidant is so much better and different than others you might be familiar with.

Time: 2:18   Views: 8306

The Lie Behind the Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Dr. Peter Glidden discusses olive oil and how that became known as a healthy oil. He offers some research that may show what we've been thinking is not exactly correct. Find out how a major US company played a major role in this thinking!

Time: 5:31   Views: 16651

Thought You Understood Sugar? You Will After This!

Dr. Peter Glidden goes into detail describing the role of sugar in the body. Most people know too much sugar is bad. But Dr. Glidden discusses the body's need and use for sugar and how it gets to where it needs to. He also discusses what sort of problems occur and why, if you have too much sugar.

Time: 8:38   Views: 9729

You're Killing Your Energy by Doing This in the Morning!

This is part 3 of a 9 part interview. Here Dr. Jennifer Landa discusses some of the danger of what food you start your day with. Your energy for the day could stem from that first meal. Find out why. Also, find how long it typically takes to change habits and your lifestyle.

Time: 1:57   Views: 51053

Craving Sugar? This Is What Your Body Is Telling You!

Most of us have a craving for something sweet now and then. But why? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the body's need and use of sugar and what might be behind that sweet tooth, or sugar craving. Find out what your body could be telling you and how you can address the issue without sugar!

Time: 3:10   Views: 8227

You Have No Idea What These Foods Are Doing To You!

Genetically modified foods are a still relatively new when it comes to science. There aren't too many generations that have been consuming them. The long term effects of eating GMOs are not fully known yet. Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the risks and dangers of eating those foods.

Time: 5:23   Views: 6822

You Won't Believe How This Well-Known Politician got Aspartame Approved!

How dangerous is Aspartame and why or how did it get approved by the FDA? Former pharmaceutical sales rep. Gwen Olsen talks about the history of Aspartame and the conflicts of interest that surround its approval by the FDA.

Time: 3:28   Views: 5980

L-Arginine: The Miracle Molecule

Dr. Alexander Schauss goes through what the amino acid L-Arginine is and its many roles in the body.

Time: 8:36   Views: 354359

The Simple Reason This Country Is So Sick!

Dr. Peter Glidden explains why nearly all Americans, regardless of diet, lack essential nutrients for optimal health. Find out why this is, and what you can do about getting back on the right track to optimal health!

Time: 2:53   Views: 10535

4 Tips to Detoxify The Most Important Room in Your Home

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman discusses some of the main toxins that affect people in their homes. Find out what one of the biggest culprits is. Dr. Gittleman also discusses several tips to help detoxify your home and make it safer for you and your family.

Time: 7:03   Views: 6735

80% of You Have These and Probably Don't Know It!

Dr. All Louise Gittleman looks at some of the key problems associate with this often hidden health condition. Find out what some of the key symptoms are and how important ridding the body of these can be for your overall health!

Time: 2:05   Views: 5018

Everyone Should Stop Eating These Four Foods!

Dr. Peter Glidden opens the interview discussing the growing number of anti-depressant prescriptions. The discussion leads to the reason for the increased number of prescriptions and finally four foods he says to stop eating immediately as they could be the cause to so many negative health conditions.

Time: 11:16   Views: 143529

Humans Are Not Made to Eat Meat

Humans were not designed to eat meat. Our bodies and teeth are not made to eat animal proteins and it's unhealthy for us. Andreas Moritz tells us why we shouldn't be meat-eaters and instead should look towards a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Time: 3:23   Views: 17402

Fight Aging with L-Arginine

Dr. Alexander Schauss on how L-Arginine impacts aging.

Time: 3:51   Views: 279466

Men's Sexual Health Helped by L-Arginine

Dr. Alexander Schauss details how men's sexual health is benefited by L-Arginine.

Time: 3:18   Views: 296615

Fluoride Is Not Beneficial, It Actually Causes This!

Dr. David Kennedy discusses his research into fluoride and what he found. He discusses the myth of fluoride as a beneficial product for oral health. Instead, find out how fluoride became known as a tooth protector and the lie behind it. You might be surprised!

Time: 4:29   Views: 5849

5 Things to Avoid to Become More Alkaline

Naturopath Ann Boroch discusses the importance of an alkaline diet. She mentions a number of things you should avoid to help get your body in a more alkaline state. She also discusses how candida, acidity and cancer may be connected.

Time: 3:56   Views: 71279

Stop ADD and ADHD in 18 Days by Eliminating This!

Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the role of a certain fat in so many foods and how it relates to ADD And ADHD. His book illustrates how those conditions can be stopped in 18 days. Find out how that can be and how the conditions can be tied to what you eat!

Time: 13:23   Views: 15718

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