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Is Cancer Really A Cause of Death?

Dr. Michael Farley discusses his findings as a forensic pathologist. After doing many autopsies on cancer patients, he found that most, if not all died from something other than the cancer itself. But cancer is almost always listed as the cause of death.

Time: 3:38   Views: 186605

You'll Think Twice About Seeing Your Doctor After This!

Dr. Joel Wallach discusses what went into writing his book, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". Dr. Wallach discusses the average life expectancy of a physician and explains why it is so much shorter than average.

Time: 2:37   Views: 9186

I Knew Sugar Was Bad, But This Blew Me Away!

Dr. Michael Farley offers a great description of the steps your body goes through to deal with sugar. Find out just how damaging it is when it comes to cancer and even heart disease! Find out the role sugar plays in the cyclical damage that occurs in both of these issues.

Time: 6:16   Views: 13656

Are You Eating This for Breakfast? STOP-Eat This Instead!

We know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. So what do you eat for that important meal? Dr. James Dowd discusses what to eat and what NOT to eat for breakfast and why. It's all part of the idea that increasing vitamin D levels add to a healthier start to the day.

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Cholesterol is NOT the Main Cause of Heart Disease

Dr. Jonny Bowden, author of The Great Cholesterol Myth, describes the main causes of heart disease. He says cholesterol plays a small role, but it's not the main culprit in heart disease.

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