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Don't Understand Blood Pressure? You Will After This!

Dr. Bob DeMaria does a great job explaining blood pressure in this video. Find out about not only the main cause of high blood pressure, but also the risk factors involved in low blood pressure. He also mentions specific steps you can take to get your blood pressure back under control!

Time: 6:42   Views: 13945

Is Cancer Really A Cause of Death?

Dr. Michael Farley discusses his findings as a forensic pathologist. After doing many autopsies on cancer patients, he found that most, if not all died from something other than the cancer itself. But cancer is almost always listed as the cause of death.

Time: 3:38   Views: 284545

Natural Cancer Treatments That Work!

Medical researcher Ty Bollinger discusses some natural cancer treatments that he's found effective in his research. He also talks about why potential natural therapies get suppressed, including some that were used many years ago.

Time: 7:46   Views: 10033

Lower Cholesterol by 50% and Help Your Liver Just by Eating This!

Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses liver health in this video. Most people don't think about their liver health or how to improve it. Dr. Bob has some warnings about a fatty liver and what you can do to not only improve your liver health, but help maintain healthy cholesterol with just a few simple tips.

Time: 4:19   Views: 9292

I Thought Fruit Was Always Healthy, Then I Saw This

Nutritionist JJ Virgin discusses fruit and how most people view it. Do you think it's always healthy and you can eat as much as you want? Think again says JJ. You might be causing more problems than you think. Find out why and what she recommends when it comes to how much fruit you should eat.

Time: 2:39   Views: 10042

This is The Real Problem With Sugar!

Most of us know sugar is bad for us. But do we really know why? Nutritionist JJ Virgin discusses the issues sugar causes when it enters the body. Find out what the body has to do to deal with it and what kind of chain reaction it causes.

Time: 3:57   Views: 9009

This is What the Medical Profession Hopes You Never Find Out!

Dr. Edward Group explains what he's learned and what the traditional medical profession hopes you don't learn! Find out what Dr. Group says is the key to preventing and eliminating cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Time: 5:13   Views: 12313

The True Danger of This Food Has Been Kept Secret

Dr. Jaime Schehr discusses one of he most common and most destructive ingredients in our food, sugar. Find out why it's so important to know and reduce your intake and what you should limit yourself to when it comes to quantity of sugar.

Time: 3:20   Views: 8048

This One Thing MUST be Detoxified Regularly

Dr. Edward Group discusses the concept of detoxification. He lists many reasons why you should detoxify on a regular basis as well as try to reduce the exposure to toxins. He also mentions the one part of your body he says people must detoxify regularly.

Time: 3:21   Views: 8045

She Did the Vaccine Research-You Won't Believe What She Found!

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has spent many hours studying the effects of vaccines. The list of side effects is long, and that's just for one vaccine she mentions here! Find out what she found and what potential dangers might be!

Time: 3:41   Views: 8536

Hear Why This Doctor Recommends Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is one of the more popular health foods these days. Dr. Jaime Schehr discusses coconut oil and it's potential health benefits. Find out why she recommends it to her patients and why she also issues a word of caution when talking about the many potential benefits.

Time: 1:40   Views: 8870

You Might Be Shocked, But This is Over 50% of Her Diet! Find Out Why!

Nutritionist JJ Virgin discusses one of the biggest mistakes this country made concerning diet and healthy foods in the last century. Find out what it did to the overall population and why it still continues. Also find out how she dramatically changed her diet after learning the truth about these types of foods!

Time: 4:15   Views: 6767

L-Arginine: The Miracle Molecule

Dr. Alexander Schauss goes through what the amino acid L-Arginine is and its many roles in the body.

Time: 8:36   Views: 384271

Could This Fruit Be a Key to Cancer Treatments?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz has studied cancer treatments and modified citrus pectin for years. Here, he talks about how it evolved into a cancer therapy and in what ways it's been shown to be effective.

Time: 5:09   Views: 7260

This is Why You Should Avoid GMOs!

Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses genetically modified organisms. Find out why plants are modified and what that might mean to people that eat them. Dr. Bob talks about the increased number of conditions that people have and how that might be related to gmos.

Time: 6:18   Views: 6788

Men's Sexual Health Helped by L-Arginine

Dr. Alexander Schauss details how men's sexual health is benefited by L-Arginine.

Time: 3:18   Views: 322294

Fight Aging with L-Arginine

Dr. Alexander Schauss on how L-Arginine impacts aging.

Time: 3:51   Views: 305311

Could This Be a Leading Cause of Most Diseases?

In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz explains how the same disease can be completely different in two different people. He explains what doctors need to do differently when it comes to helping patients. Also find out how stress can be a leading cause for most diseases.

Time: 8:08   Views: 6303

Everyone Should Stop Eating These Four Foods!

Dr. Peter Glidden opens the interview discussing the growing number of anti-depressant prescriptions. The discussion leads to the reason for the increased number of prescriptions and finally four foods he says to stop eating immediately as they could be the cause to so many negative health conditions.

Time: 11:16   Views: 550397

Amazingly, This Might Be Worse For You Than Sugar!

Most of us know how bad sugar is for our overall health. But JJ Virgin explains that some alternatives might be even worse. Find out how these other options affect the body and can actually be doing the exact opposite of what you might think!

Time: 2:10   Views: 6528

Sugar Impacts You in Ways You Never Thought of!

Nutritionist JJ Virgin discusses the problem many Americans still have with sugar. While many think they are cutting back on sugar, they may be doing the opposite. Find out how foods with little or no sugar can actually impact your body and make it spike your blood sugar anyway!

Time: 2:47   Views: 5946

3 Important Supplements for Pain Relief

Dr. Heather Tick discusses some natural treatments she uses with people suffering from chronic pain. She mentions the first place she starts. Find out what that is as well as three main supplements that she uses to help treat people.

Time: 3:46   Views: 4164

Reduce 80% of Your Body's Toxins in 3 Weeks With These Tips!

Almost everyone has a buildup of toxins in their body. It's hard to avoid today. What can that buildup lead to? A number of health conditions. But Dr. Walter Crinnion is an expert on the topic. He mentions a couple of things you can do to drastically reduce the amount of toxic overload and potentially get yourself healthier!

Time: 8:29   Views: 235433

You're Killing Your Energy by Doing This in the Morning!

This is part 3 of a 9 part interview. Here Dr. Jennifer Landa discusses some of the danger of what food you start your day with. Your energy for the day could stem from that first meal. Find out why. Also, find how long it typically takes to change habits and your lifestyle.

Time: 1:57   Views: 115205

4 Simple, Natural Solutions for High Blood Pressure!

High blood pressure is a serious condition and one that has a number of prescription drugs available. But are there more natural ways to keep it under control? Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses four key things that can be used to naturally get blood pressure under control!

Time: 15:55   Views: 228791

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