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Can This Nutraceutical Help Your Cell's Energy Level?

Dr. David Brady discusses a product and program he helped develop that can help boost energy at the cellular level. He discusses many of the components of the program and how they work at the cell level.

Time: 8:42   Views: 567

Are You at Risk of Heart Attack By Not Testing for THIS?

Do cholesterol levels and heart attack risks go hand in hand? Not necessarily says Dr. Terry Grossman. There may be better markers for heart disease risk than just cholesterol level. Find out what tests you might want to consider getting instead of relying on just cholesterol.

Time: 3:15   Views: 524

The Simple Reason This Country Is So Sick!

Dr. Peter Glidden explains why nearly all Americans, regardless of diet, lack essential nutrients for optimal health. Find out why this is, and what you can do about getting back on the right track to optimal health!

Time: 2:53   Views: 1870

Try This Natural Solution for Allergy Relief!

Allergy medications can have plenty of side effects. If you want to try some alternatives or maybe take less medication, Dr. Benoit Tano has a simple tip to help relieve symptoms and make allergies easier to manage.

Time: 2:17   Views: 832

This Is the Most Important Antioxidant

Dr. Don Colbert clears up some antioxidant confusion. He discusses what he calls the 'most important antioxidant' and explains why that is the case. Find out cellular health and how this antioxidant is so much better and different than others you might be familiar with.

Time: 2:18   Views: 1544

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