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4 Tips to Detoxify The Most Important Room in Your Home

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman discusses some of the main toxins that affect people in their homes. Find out what one of the biggest culprits is. Dr. Gittleman also discusses several tips to help detoxify your home and make it safer for you and your family.

Time: 7:03   Views: 766

You'll Be Glad You Watched This Before Vaccinating Your Child!

The number of vaccines in kids' recommended vaccine schedules continues to grow. Is this a good thing? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses this topic and addresses one of the main concerns between the research and MD's.

Time: 5:06   Views: 554

A Shocking Life-Changing Event Made Her End Her Career As A Drug Sales Rep!

Gwen Olsen discusses her background as a pharmaceutical sales representative. She talks about the dark side of the business that she uncovered and what happened that ultimately led her to get out and speak against the industry.

Time: 5:38   Views: 746

Cancer Doctor's Candid Thoughts About Natural/Conventional Treatments

Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez discusses the events that led him to open the International Bio Care Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Rodriguez discusses how he learned about alternative therapies that ultimately started him down a new course of treatments.

Time: 8:47   Views: 1105

How Food Allergies Differ from Other Allergies

Dr. Benoit Tano discusses some of the similarities and differences between food allergies and other allergies, like seasonal allergies. Find out why reactions to food allergies can often be more dramatic and dangerous than a pollen or dust allergy.

Time: 4:01   Views: 380

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