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Finding Answers to Unexplained Pain

Dr. Heather Tick discusses her own situation dealing with pain and how she uses that experience to help others find answers to their own pain issues.

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Is Gluten related to Hashimoto's Disease?

Dr. Bob DeMaria explains what Hashimoto's Disease is and what it can do to the body. He also explains how gluten can be related to the condition and what can be done to help treat it.

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A Routine Trip to The Dentist Could Be Potentially Hazardous!

Dr. Hal Huggins talks about the dangers of mercury fillings as well as other potential dangers in the mouth. Find out how a routine cleaning by your dentist could result in the addition of bacteria into your bloodstream and the many problems that could create.

Time: 3:17   Views: 1019

What Kind of Water is Right For You?

Dr. Jaime Schehr discusses water and how different types might be better for different people. Find out how you might be able to tell what applies to you. Also find out what we all have in common when in comes to water consumption.

Time: 1:44   Views: 1059

The Importance of pH Balance in Longevity

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman explains some of the anti-aging tips she learned from her mentor, Dr. Hazel Parcells, who lived to be 106 years old. She discusses some important tips such as pH balance, healthy glands and more!

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