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Qi Gong Helpful for Cancer and Other Conditions

Dr. Judith Boice explains how qi gong can help people with cancer and other chronic conditions. Find out what research has shown, in terms of improvement in these conditions.

Time: 1:36   Views: 173

How Do You Handle Stress? Your Health Depends On It!

Dr. Doni Wilson discusses stress and how everyone handles different stressors differently. Find out some of the different ways stress can affect different systems of the body and, in turn, overall health.

Time: 2:28   Views: 330

A 'War on Cancer' is Focusing on The Wrong Thing!

Dr. Heather Paulson discusses the so-called 'war on cancer'. She explains why she thinks this phrase needs to be shelved for a better representation of what cancer really is. Find out why she thinks the focus needs to change.

Time: 1:39   Views: 987

You'd Be Shocked at Where Most of Your Toxic Exposure Comes From!

Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses where the bulk of your daily toxic exposure comes from. The good news is it is something you can control and could drastically reduce with a few simple steps.

Time: 2:07   Views: 2865

What is Qi Gong?

Dr. Judith Boice discusses the discipline known as qi gong. She describes what it is in a simple form. She mentions the growth of the practice and how it may be on the cusp of becoming very popular in this country.

Time: 1:32   Views: 961

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