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The REAL Results of the Low-Carb Diets

What did the low-carb craze do to overall health in this country? Dr. Michael Greger discusses that in this video. Dr. Greger wrote a book on the low-carb fad and discusses how some of the diets finally proved to be unsustainable and very unhealthy.

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You're Killing Your Energy by Doing This in the Morning!

This is part 3 of a 9 part interview. Here Dr. Jennifer Landa discusses some of the danger of what food you start your day with. Your energy for the day could stem from that first meal. Find out why. Also, find how long it typically takes to change habits and your lifestyle.

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The Paleo Diet is Not What you Think

Dr. Michael Greger discusses the basics of the paleo diet and how most people have the wrong idea of the diet. He discusses dairy and processed food and what role they play in the diet.

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Deal With These Issues Before Boosting Immune Health

Dr. Nan Lu explains why improving immune health is much more difficult than many people think. He discusses some of the many reasons people struggle to keep their immune system healthy. Find out what you can do to get started on the right path.

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Chemotherapy is Not Effective for 90% of Cancers!

That's according to expert Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. He discusses a couple of cancers that seem to respond to chemo, but he also describes the high failure rate for most cancers. Dr. Gonzalez also gives his opinion as to why chemo is often a first treatment option when it's success rate is so low.

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