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What You Should Know About Testing for Selenium Levels

It's becoming known more and more just how important selenium is for the body. Do you have enough? Dr. Geo Espinosa discusses different tests you can ask your provider about and which ones might give more complete answers.

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This Explanation of the Mercury/Autism Connection Will Blow You Away!

There is plenty of discussion about the potential autism connection to vaccines and the mercury that is in them. Dr. Gary Kohls discusses that connection and has an incredible explanation as to what might be triggering the condition at an alarming rate!

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Going Gluten Free? You Need to Know This!

If you decide to go gluten free, there are some things you need to know. It can certainly be confusing because gluten can be hidden in so many products and be labeled as something else. Dr. Bob DeMaria has some tips on successfully going gluten free!

Time: 1:09   Views: 1985

You Never Knew These Things Trigger Your Sugar Cravings!

Dr. Rob Streisfeld discusses the cravings of sugar that your body signals. Find out how stress can make you crave sugar. Also find out how it all effects your gut health, which could directly effect other parts of your body.

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What You Need to Know About Selenium and Prostate Cancer

Dr. Geo Espinosa discusses the benefits of testing for selenium levels. He also discusses a recent study that showed not only the differences in selenium supplements but the health effects they have when it comes to prostate health.

Time: 2:22   Views: 1710

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