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Why Wait to Choose Natural Medicine?

So many people only try natural medicine only after other avenues have failed them. Dr. Judith Boice discusses the types of patients she's seen. She says there are often two kinds of patients that choose natural medicine. Are you one of those?

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Is This a Safer, More Effective Alternative to Mammograms?

Dr. Lena Edwards talks about the effectiveness of breast thermography. Find out how the procedure is done and how effective it might be in detection of breast cancer.

Time: 2:24   Views: 358

You Won't Believe How The Things You Drink Can Damage Your Body!

Do you get enough water? Andreas Moritz says we're all dehydrated and probably don't even know it. He offers signs and symptoms to look for that would indicate we're not getting enough water. Many of the beverages we drink now, like coffee, tea, soda and sports drinks don't offer the water we need.

Time: 9:41   Views: 1120

You Must Do These Things Before Removing Mercury Fillings!

Dr. Diane Meyer had her amalgam fillings removed. But not before she did plenty of research into the removal of mercury from the body. She has some important information regarding removal and the process after the mercury is out.

Time: 4:50   Views: 685

'The Vaccine Program Is So Corrupt' - Find Out Why!

Ginger Taylor is the co-founder of the Canary Party. Find out why she says about the vaccine program in general and her thoughts on the pro-vaccine argument that says some diseases have nearly been eliminated by them. You might be surprised at how you think after watching this!

Time: 5:31   Views: 812

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