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How Toxic Is Your Water?

Mark Schauss discusses potential toxins in your water supply. How do you know what might be in there? Is bottled water a safer option? Find out what he thinks.

Time: 1:38   Views: 695

Hear Why He Calls The HPV Vaccine a Crime Against Kids!

The HPV vaccine continues to be a hotly debated issue. Robert Scott Bell, popular radio host and homeopathic practitioner, discusses the theory behind the HPV vaccine and whether or not he thinks it's safe.

Time: 6:18   Views: 848

Common Sense Tips to Naturally Detox Your Body

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum says you don't always need an in depth detox protocol. Here, he has three tips you can try, plus some common sense suggestions to help reduce the toxic load on your body.

Time: 1:56   Views: 1617

Do You Believe This 'Myth' About Raw Foods?

Dr. Kaayla Daniel is a clinical certified nutritionist. Here she discusses the health benefits between raw and cooked foods and whether there are any nutritional differences between the two. You might be surprised what she says!

Time: 1:02   Views: 1316

This Herb Can Be a Safer, More Effective Anti-Inflammatory

Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, discusses how the herb cat's claw can have an anti-inflammatory effect and also benefits immunity. He explains how cat's claw still isn't well known because it's not a prescription and can't be patented.

Time: 6:49   Views: 1184

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