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How Cordiart Can Benefit Cardiovascular Health

Hans van der Saag discusses the supplement Cordiart. He explains what it is made from, how it works and how it can help support cardiovascular health.

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The Role of Supplements in the GAPS Diet

Clinical Nutritionist Kim Schuette discusses the role supplements can play and in particular, which ones, when someone is starting on the GAPS diet. The diet is meant to improve overall stomach and digestive health.

Time: 1:16   Views: 270

Andreas Moritz Explains How to Do the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush!

In this video from 2009, Andreas Moritz discusses his liver and gallbladder flush program. He describes what you need for the program, how to do it and what kind of results you can expect!

Time: 4:17   Views: 1325

A Mercury Free Option of Omega-3 Supplements

Mercury and other toxicity is always a concern when it comes to fish oil supplements. Sam Couture discusses another option that is free of mercury toxicity. He also discusses the bioavailability of the product.

Time: 2:10   Views: 551

Get Familiar with the Benefits of a Biological Dentist

Dr. Diane Meyer discusses the many differences between a holistic dentist and what most people consider a 'traditional' dentist. Find out why you might want to consider a holistic dentist to help improve your overall health.

Time: 4:09   Views: 511

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