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BREAKING: New Benefits for Probiotics Discovered

Dr. David Kiefer discusses some new research that's pointing to potential new benefits of probiotics. It's been long known that probiotics can help support gut health, which can lead to more benefits. But Dr. Kiefer mentions a couple of areas of benefit previously not known or understood.

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Probiotics-A Benefit to Most Digestive Issues

Dr. David Kiefer discusses the use of probiotics for people that have some sort of compromised digestion. Can probiotics help those issues or do you have to have a healthy gut before probiotics can provide a benefit? Dr. Kiefer answers this question here.

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WARNING: Watch If You Take Multiple Medications or Supplements

Dr. David Kiefer discusses the potential for interactions when you take a certain amount of prescription drugs OR supplements OR both! Dr. Kiefer discusses an amount of the two that almost certainly will lead to an interaction, not to mention how the odds change if you're not taking them as directed.

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Know This Information Before Buying Supplements

Dr. David Kiefer discusses vitamins and supplements and has some things to look for before you buy them. How do you know what you need? What is a reliable source of information and a good source to purchase from? He goes through these steps and has some advice before you purchase!

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Important Tips to Boost Your Immune System

If it's cold and flu season, what can you do to improve your chances of staying healthy? What about when you feel something coming on, how can you keep symptoms to a minimum? Dr. David Kiefer offers some important tips to help the immune system and keep you healthier during the year.

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