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Is Your Doctor Getting Away With a Class A Felony?

Dr. Joel Wallach says many effective cures will never become mainstream due to powerful pharma and insurance lobbies. Withholding those cures, he says, should be a class A felony. Your doctor is not required to cure you. That's one of the main reasons Dr. Joel Wallach says many therapies aren't mainstream. He also talks about why that trend might be changing.

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What Are Coloidal Minerals?

Dr. Joel Wallach talks about coloidal minerals and how that form is different than a pill. Dr. Wallach describes how minerals in this form might be more beneficial than other forms.

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Physicians Cause Disease

Dr. Joel Wallach talks about how to cure diseases he says are actually caused by physicians. Dr. Wallach came up with a system that helps you supplement all 90 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. He also talks about being able to rebuild joints with the help of those raw materials.

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Don't Avoid Salt, Get More Of It For Good Health

Salt is usually thought of as a bad and unhealthy product. But your body actually needs it. In fact, Dr. Joel Wallach talks about the many conditions that can arise from not having enough salt. They range from acid reflux to gluten intolerance.

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Medical Doctors Should be in Jail

That's what Dr. Joel Wallach claims. He says it's because there are cures for conditions out there and doctors aren't providing their patients with those cures. He give examples of how some athletes die suddenly and how many of those instances are treatable in a simple, cheap way.

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