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Don't Avoid Salt, Get More Of It For Good Health

Salt is usually thought of as a bad and unhealthy product. But your body actually needs it. In fact, Dr. Joel Wallach talks about the many conditions that can arise from not having enough salt. They range from acid reflux to gluten intolerance.

Time: 5:37   Views: 7266

You Can Prevent Disease

Dr. Joel Wallach talks about how to prevent hundreds of diseases with just nutrition and supplementation. He also talks about an interesting study that shows most doctors aren't in the profession to help people!

Time: 4:42   Views: 6173

Medical Doctors Should be in Jail

That's what Dr. Joel Wallach claims. He says it's because there are cures for conditions out there and doctors aren't providing their patients with those cures. He give examples of how some athletes die suddenly and how many of those instances are treatable in a simple, cheap way.

Time: 4:36   Views: 3708

Sports Drinks, Water Aren't Enough

If your an athlete or just work out occasionally, you need more than water or sports drinks to replace nutrients. Dr. Joel Wallach describes why that is and what you need that other beverages don't supply.

Time: 2:27   Views: 1433

Science Behind Supplements

Dr. Joel Wallach talks about some of the research and study he's done throughout his career. That background has gone into a supplement formulation that his company has developed.

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