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Cancer and Coconut Oil

Dr. Bruce Fife explains the anticancer properties of coconut oil.

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Coconut Oil: Easy to Digest & Great for Sufferers of Crohn's or IBS

Coconut oil is easier to digest than other fats and oils. It's digested quickly, without much strain on the body. It is also good for helping people with Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Bruce Fife has more.

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Coconut Oil Helps Food Poisoning

Find out how science proves that coconut oil helps prevent food poisoning.

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Coconut Oil: Natural Antiviral and Antibacterial

Dr. Bruce Fife goes through the science behind coconut oil's ability to fight off bacteria, viruses and other health conditions.There are no drugs to effectively fight viruses, but coconut oil is proven to fight off viruses naturally.

Time: 1:44   Views: 30706

Coconut Oil Helps the Thyroid

Dr. Bruce Fife on how coconut oil helps the thyroid gland and helps kick-start it.

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