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Death by Properly Prescribed Drugs

How common a problem is it? Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about some statistics that might be shocking. She also talks about how many of these deaths might be unnecessary and could be avoided with some simple steps.

Time: 5:35   Views: 5580

Cancer as a Stress Reaction

Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about cancer as a stress response. She talks about a theory called 'total biology', where the mind deals with stress in a way that could lead to cancer.

Time: 3:18   Views: 1780

Magnesium: Women's Mineral

Dr. Carolyn Dean looks at some of the major benefits of magnesium for women, including easing cramps, adrenal troubles, fibromyalgia and pregnancy.

Time: 3:27   Views: 2448

Symptoms and Causes of a Magnesium Deficiency

Dr. Carolyn Dean looks at some of the main symptoms of a magnesium deficiency in the body, including twitching, muscle cramps, fatigue, constipation and heart palpitations. She also looks at what can cause this deficiency, such as consumption of alcohol, coffee and sugar, and smoking.

Time: 2:02   Views: 6381

Magnesium Calms Stress and Aids Sleep

Dr. Carolyn Dean explains how magnesium calms muscles and nerves in the body to decrease stress and aid sleep at night.

Time: 0:41   Views: 2040

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