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Dr. Roizen Explains Inflammation's Causes and Natural Treatments

Michael Roizen, M.D. explains what inflammation is, what causes it, and the problems that it causes. He also gives us some tips to reduce inflammation in our body and reduce the health risks associated with inflammation. One simple tip given, is to floss your teeth every day. Another tip given is to take DHA fish oil supplements because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

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Dr. Roizen on The Thrifty Gene Theory

Find out what the Thrifty Gene Theory is. Dr. Michael Roizen says genes can change expressions very quickly, which allows us to adapt to our environment quickly.

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Dr. Roizen Explains 4 Things That Can Prevent Chronic Disease!

Dr. Michael Roizen discusses some of the current health care issues in this country and what needs to happen to start seeing improved overall health. Dr. Roizen also mentions four things that could prevent chronic disease and improve the health and financial status of the country.

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Dr. Roizen Explains the Health Benefits of Coffee

Michael Roizen, M.D. explains the many anti-aging health benefits provided by coffee. If you don't have one of the four 'unhealthy symptoms' related to coffee consumption, it can be a very healthy choice due to the high polyphenol content and anti-cancer benefits.

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Dr. Roizen's 4 Steps To Successful Weight Loss. You Might Not Agree With One!

In this 2009 interview, Dr. Michael Roizen shares his four tips to start a weight loss program. Part of that program is getting rid of certain foods. Find out the five foods you must get rid of! Do you agree with them all?

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