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Is Your Liver Healthy?

Dr. Bob DeMaria gives you some things to look for that might be indications of compromised liver function. Some things you wouldn't normally think of can be a sign that you have liver congestion.

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You Need to Know This About Calcium, Iodine and Thyroid

You could be deficient in calcium, and iodine. How can you tell? Dr. Bob DeMaria offers some great tips on how to recognize body signals regarding your the function of your thyroid, as well as calcium and iondine.

Time: 7:06   Views: 5577

What is Your Medication Doing to Your Body?

You might be surprised at how much damage a single medication might do. What if you're on 3, or 10? Dr. Bob DeMaria has some eye opening statistics that shows just what a combination of drugs may do inside your body.

Time: 2:58   Views: 10675

Why You Don't Need Statin Drugs

They're one of, if not the most prescribed medicines in the country. But Dr. Bob DeMaria says those medications come with plenty of dangerous side effects. He has some simple food choices that could instead lower your cholesterol by up to half.

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Here is Your Grocery List!

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to buy healthier food? Dr. Bob DeMaria takes you along to the grocery store and walks you through the benefits of many items you might not have considered before.

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