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Natural Supplements Popularity is Growing

Lorna Vanderhaeghe discusses how people are becoming more aware of the benefits of natural supplements and how doctors are starting to recommend these approaches more often than in years past. She explains how prevention needs to be a key aspect in helping to lower healthcare costs.

Time: 2:29   Views: 11183

The Principles of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Isaac Eliaz practices integrative medicine. Here he describes how that practice is different than other types. Dr. Eliaz describes the main principles of integrative medicine and how it may be more beneficial to the patient.

Time: 6:29   Views: 3130

Chinese Medicinal Herbs and Rhodiola

Chris Kilham explains how China produces and trades more plants and herbs than any other nation. He looks at the popular Chinese herb rhodiola and explains its many benefits in mental health and vitality.

Time: 4:01   Views: 77452

Siberian Ginseng or Eleuthero Benefits

Chris Kilham looks at eleuthero root, previously known as siberian ginseng, and how it's an adaptogen. He explains the many benefits of this herb and how it's not actually a form of ginseng.

Time: 5:41   Views: 26574

Health Businesses Shouldn't Focus On The Bottom Line

Chris Kilham explains how business needs to be more about meeting human needs and less about money. He discusses how people should think humanely and grow happily rather than looking to gain profit.

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