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Avoid These Toxins In Your Lotion!!!!

Dr. Joseph Mercola lists some of the problems that cause dry skin and also lists some ingredients you need to avoid in lotion.

Time: 5:52   Views: 2960

What Can You Use as a Skin Moisturizer?

Dr. Joseph Mercola takes a closer look at the elements in skin care products and offer other options to dry skin. He recommends using coconut oil because it is fantastic for skin health.

Time: 2:45   Views: 1957

Moisturizing Lotion and Oil Differences

Annmarie Gianni goes through some of the important differences between a moisturizing lotion and an oil, as well as some other facts about skin care.

Time: 7:11   Views: 1750

Dry Skin Treatments

Dr. Mercola talks about how to avoid and how to safely treat dry skin. He also includes a list of ingredients you want to avoid in your skin care products.

Time: 5:48   Views: 1014

Is Shaving Healthy?

Dragging a sharp razor blade across the skin every day is something many people do. Is it good for the skin and are there things you can do to make it better? Dermatologist Dr. Jeanette Jacknin discusses shaving in this video.

Time: 1:13   Views: 2261

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