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Acid/Alkaline Diet Videos

5 Causes of Acid Reflux and How to Treat Them Naturally

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses stomach acid and he explains why we actually need more as we age. He lists 5 major reasons for acid reflux and has simple, natural treatments for reducing it. Dr. Wright discusses common prescription medication for acid reflux and mentions why you might want to be careful when taking that!

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Your Health Depends on Your pH Balance

Tamara St. John treated her own breast cancer. In the process, she took many steps to research treatments and different aspects of health. Here she discusses the benefits of an alkaline diet and how pH levels can vary depending on your health condition.

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5 Things to Avoid to Become More Alkaline

Naturopath Ann Boroch discusses the importance of an alkaline diet. She mentions a number of things you should avoid to help get your body in a more alkaline state. She also discusses how candida, acidity and cancer may be connected.

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Food Recipes to Alkalize the Body

Shelley Redford Young has developed recipes and books to help reduce acid in the body. She discusses a couple of tips she uses to help get your body more alkaline and more healthy overall.

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Improve Emotional Health Through an Alkaline Diet

Can your mood be affected by what you eat? Shelley Redford Young describes the benefits of an alkaline diet and how it may affect emotional issues like depression.

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