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The Importance of pH Balance in Longevity

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman explains some of the anti-aging tips she learned from her mentor, Dr. Hazel Parcells, who lived to be 106 years old. She discusses some important tips such as pH balance, healthy glands and more!

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3 Steps to Help Get Your Body More Alkaline

making your body more alkaline and less acidic can help prevent disease. Dr. Isaac Eliaz has some tips on how to get your body more alkaline through food and proper hydration.

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Know What Foods Are Alkalizing and Get Them Into Your Diet!

Dr. Corey Schuler discusses the pH balance in the body and what foods might be best. Know what foods are 'alkalizing' which may be different than you think. Find out why these foods are better for the body and especially those people fighting cancer.

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You Thought You Understood Acid/Alkaline Diet... Until You Saw This!

Is alkalizing your body through diet as great as we hear? What about an acidic diet? How does the body respond to that? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the pH balance and how the body regulates it. He also discusses the theory that cancer can't grow in an alkaline environment. You might be surprised what you hear!

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5 Causes of Acid Reflux and How to Treat Them Naturally

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses stomach acid and he explains why we actually need more as we age. He lists 5 major reasons for acid reflux and has simple, natural treatments for reducing it. Dr. Wright discusses common prescription medication for acid reflux and mentions why you might want to be careful when taking that!

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