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Are Vaccines to Blame for Autism Rates? This May Change Your Mind!

Ginger Taylor is the Executive director of the Canary Party. She has an autistic son and discusses why cases of autism continue to climb at an alarming rate. Are vaccines at least partly to blame? Listen to what she has to say, she makes some startling connections!

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How Do You Recognize Autism? Start Here!

What sort of symptoms are typical of autism? That's a tough question, but Ginger Taylor discusses things you might want to look for to help recognize autism, as well as where you can get more answers.

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What REALLY Causes Autism?

Dr. William Walsh has studied autism for years. He discusses the theory of vaccines potentially causing autism. He also discusses genetics, toxins and environment. Find out what he thinks are the leading causes of this condition.

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Autism: 'Absolutely Vaccine Induced'

That's according to Robert Scott Bell. He brings up a number of good points concerning vaccine's connection with autism. Is it just better diagnosis? Listen to what he says about that and what the potential issues might be as treatment needs increase for autistic children that become autistic adults.

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Vaccine's Connection to Autism

Any possible connection continues to be a topic of debate. Professor Garth Nicolson discusses this issue and states that it may not be the vaccines themselves, but when and how many they're given instead.

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