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You'll Never See Statins or Cholesterol the Same After This!

So many people go to the doctor with high cholesterol and end up on a statin or cholesterol lowering drug for years, if not their entire lives. Dr. Peter Glidden says there is something fundamentally wrong with that and that prolonged statin use can lead to many more serious conditions.

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This Doctor Says if You're On This Medication, Stop Taking it Immediately!

Find out why Dr. Peter Glidden says this about two medications in this video. He also discusses the role of cholesterol and how current MDs are misguided in their thinking of cholesterol and cholesterol lowering drugs. Dr. Glidden also illustrates the danger of increased use of statin drugs and why certain conditions are also on the rise.

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This is What Statin Drugs are REALLY Doing to You!

You might think again before going on a cholesterol lowering drug, or statin, after watching this. Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the importance of cholesterol in your body as well as what happens to your body when it's artificially lowered.

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They Don't Want You to Who's Behind These Prescription Drug Decisions

Cholesterol lowering drugs are one of, if not the most prescribed class of drugs in the world. There is one big reason for that and it starts with the people behind the drugs. Dr. Michael Greger discusses the many conflicts of interest when it comes to these drugs.

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Warning! One Egg Could Drastically Affect Cholesterol in These People

Dr. Michael Greger clears up some of the confusion regarding cholesterol. He discusses blood cholesterol and how your diet may have a surprising effect on consuming just small amounts. Find out how your diet affects future intake of cholesterol from foods.

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