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Find Out the Shocking Main Reason for High Cholesterol Halfway Through This!

In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz discusses gallstones and their relationship to the gallbladder as well as the liver. He also discusses how they are directly related to cholesterol levels in the blood!

Time: 7:10   Views: 1879

Is Krill Oil a Better Omega-3 Option?

Dr. Rudi Moerck discusses the many benefits of krill oil and its effect on cholesterol and triglyceride levels. He also compares krill oil to fish oil and explains why krill oil might be a better option.

Time: 2:18   Views: 1076

This Doctor Hates Statin Drugs, Wait Until You Hear Why!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses cholesterol lowering statin drugs and their effect on the entire body. Find out why she does not like these drugs and what sort of benefit these drugs might have compared to potential risk factors.

Time: 6:46   Views: 2865

You Never Knew the Liver Did All of These Important Functions!

In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz discusses the many functions of the liver. Learn more about this complex organ and the pivotal role it plays in our health. He explains when the liver is working most as well as some little known functions of the liver!

Time: 7:58   Views: 1721

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs are Toxic and a Scam!

That's the opinion of Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. Find out why he says this and what he says cholesterol lowering drugs really end up doing and why it's often irresponsible to prescribe them as much as they are!

Time: 2:30   Views: 3095

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