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Cholesterol: What Makes Your Numbers Different

Is Cholesterol good or bad? That depends. Dr. David Kiefer discusses the topic as well as statin drugs. Find out how measuring and treating cholesterol is not a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. He stresses the importance of individualized treatment and monitoring. Find out why here!

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Eating Cholesterol is OK-But Eating THIS is NOT!

If you eat cholesterol, does it increase cholesterol levels in the body? Dr. Stephen Sinatra discusses whether this is true or not. He also mentions some other things foods that are far more damaging to your body than things like eggs and other saturated fats.

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New Statin Drug Guidelines Not Reliable

Recent recommendations changed the guidelines for people who 'should' be on cholesterol lowering statin drugs. Dr. Stephen Sinatra says those new guidelines, that could potentially put more than 30 percent of adults on statins, are too broad based. Hear his explanation!

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Statin Drugs: Use With Caution!

Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra discusses the certain demographics that may find some benefit on statin drugs. But he also discusses some people who should definitely NOT be on statin drugs to lower cholesterol. Find out why some people should stay away from them, where others might find benefit.

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Cholesterol Numbers Don't Tell the Truth!

Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra discusses the popular overall cholesterol number. It's something most of us get when we get a physical and we all know the number the indicates 'good or bad' cholesterol levels. Dr. Sinatra says those numbers are a 'smokescreen'. He recommends looking at something else instead!

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