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GMOs Harmful? Hard to Imagine They're Not

Dr. Gerard Mullin discusses the issue of genetically modified foods. Are there concerns? Dr. Mullin says one of the big issues is lack of proper studies and testing, which brings another issue to mind. Who might fund that research?

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GMOs-There May Be Potential Benefits

Jeffery Smith is a leader in the anti-GMO movment. However he says he's not entirely against genetic engineering. He explains that there might be some potential benefit to the science, but that comes with a warning as well.

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Labeling/Banning GMO-We're Getting Close

Jeffery Smith is an expert in genetically modified foods and a non-GMO advocate. In his experience traveling the country, he says the movement against GMOs is getting close to making a huge difference. Find out what kind of difference could be just around the corner.

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Here's How to Find Out If It's a GMO Product

Non-GMO advocate Jeffrey Smith helps you figure out if the products you are buying are genetically modified or not. Few products are labeled so it's hard to tell on your own.

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Jeffrey Smith: GMO Health Conditions Already Known

Do we know the long-term affects of GMO? GMO expert Jeffrey Smith says we can already see the damage done by genetically modified foods. But he says we can also see improvement when people or animals stop consuming GMOs and sometimes the results can be very similar between the two!

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