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This Should Concern You Most About GMOs!

Are genetically modified foods beneficial or will we see big problems down the road with the increased use of these products? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the controversial topic. Here what he thinks could be the biggest concern when it comes to the use and consumption of genetically modified foods.

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You Have No Idea What These Foods Are Doing To You!

Genetically modified foods are a still relatively new when it comes to science. There aren't too many generations that have been consuming them. The long term effects of eating GMOs are not fully known yet. Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the risks and dangers of eating those foods.

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You Knew Organic Foods are Healthy, But This Will Surprise You!

Dr. Gene Wei discusses the benefits of organic foods versus non-organic. Find out what the difference might be when it comes to those foods anti-cancer properties, as well as the potential toxicity levels and detox abilities.

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Organic Or Not-You've Never Looked at it THIS Way!

Dr. Michael Greger discusses the options of organic fruits and vegetables versus non-organic. He cites a recent study that might have you thinking a little differently when it comes to the issue. What do you think of his suggestion at the end? Do you agree?

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GMOs Harmful? Hard to Imagine They're Not

Dr. Gerard Mullin discusses the issue of genetically modified foods. Are there concerns? Dr. Mullin says one of the big issues is lack of proper studies and testing, which brings another issue to mind. Who might fund that research?

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