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Eating Organic Is Most Important During This Time!

Dr. Philip Landrigan discusses the benefits of choosing organic fruits and vegetables. He says it's particularly important for a key point in a person's life. He also discusses the danger of pesticides and which foods to look most closely at when it comes to organic.

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GMOs Are Devastating to the Gut!

Dr. Kaayla Daniel starts the discussion talking about soy and the fact that an overwhelming amount is genetically modified. Find out what she thinks of genetically modified foods. She also discusses why vegetarians and vegans may be at more of a risk when it comes to soy.

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This is Why Organic is Better Whenever Possible

Dr. John Salerno discusses is 'Silver Cloud' diet and what that consists of and what should be reduced. He also discusses the benefit of organic food and why you should choose that when possible.

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This Common Herbicide is Killing Us and This is the Main Reason!

Glyphosate is a key ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. It's getting applied on crops at an alarming rate, but how big is the health risk of this increased application? Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the many issues that are now being connected to glyphosate exposure.

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She Nails Possibly the Biggest Health Problem in this Country!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff starts the conversation by talking about the alarming rates of autism in this country and why she thinks the numbers are so high. She then discusses the country's agricultural system and why that has actually made the population so sick. Do you agree with her?

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