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Wait Until You See What this Doctor Thinks About the Flu Shot!

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum discusses his views on the flu shot. Find out why he thinks governments and politicians push the vaccine on everyone, whether it's really needed or beneficial.

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This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I've Ever Heard!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism. It's a hotly-debated topic. Here she gets specific into what ingredient in the vaccine may be linked to autism and other conditions. Find out what her research has found. You may think differently after watching this!

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This Will Make You Think Twice About Getting That Vaccine!

Should you or your kids be vaccinated or get the annual flu shot? In this video from 2009, Andreas Moritz offers some advice on whether or not vaccines are effective against disease and illness. Are there other concerns with vaccines? Andreas covers this as well and many other things you need to know before making a decision.

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Know Your Options When it Comes to Vaccines!

The pressure to vaccinate kids before school, daycare, etc. is growing. What are your options as a parent or caregiver? Ginger Taylor, Executive Director of the Canary Party discusses your options and where you can go for answers.

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Are Vaccines to Blame for Autism Rates? This May Change Your Mind!

Ginger Taylor is the Executive director of the Canary Party. She has an autistic son and discusses why cases of autism continue to climb at an alarming rate. Are vaccines at least partly to blame? Listen to what she has to say, she makes some startling connections!

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