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Hear What This Doctor Says About Vaccines and Autism!

Dr. Philip Landrigan discusses the current vaccine schedule given to kids and infants. He gives his thoughts on whether or not that current schedule is appropriate for young immune systems. He also gives his thoughts on any possible connection between the vaccines and autism and what other factors might be playing into the continued rise of autism cases.

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She Did the Vaccine Research-You Won't Believe What She Found!

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has spent many hours studying the effects of vaccines. The list of side effects is long, and that's just for one vaccine she mentions here! Find out what she found and what potential dangers might be!

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Warning! Vaccines Do Not Provide Immunity

Dr. Michael Farley and Ty Bollinger talk about what really provides immunity from disease. They say it is definitely not vaccines. They also provide some statistics that indicate a relationship between vaccines and autism.

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This Explanation of the Mercury/Autism Connection Will Blow You Away!

There is plenty of discussion about the potential autism connection to vaccines and the mercury that is in them. Dr. Gary Kohls discusses that connection and has an incredible explanation as to what might be triggering the condition at an alarming rate!

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These Vaccines Are Not Needed and Potentially Dangerous!

Dr. Michael Farley makes you think about whether vaccines make sense or not. Find out whether or not the hepatitis B vaccine is really needed at birth. Also find out Dr. Farley's first-hand experience with the vaccine.

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