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You Might Want to Think Twice Before Getting This Vaccine

Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses potential toxicity in vaccines. He says the vaccines have changed over the years to remove a toxic substance. However there is one category of vaccines that still include this toxin. What do you think about these?

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Flu Shot? Why This Doctor Says You're Risking a Lot!

Robert Scott Bell talks about whether or not flu shots are really effective. He says to be warned if your doctor says he or she got a flu shot! Also, find out what he says is a more effective protection against the flu!

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Do You Really Know What's In Your Vaccine? You Might Not Want to Watch!

You probably don't think twice about getting vaccines, after all, they're supposed to help you prevent disease and promote health, right? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discusses some things you probably didn't know about what is actually getting injected into your body. Some things you probably don't even want to know!

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Revealed: Your Health Can't Come From a Vaccine!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains why she says health can not come from a needle. She talks about staying healthy naturally and how that would take care of any 'need' for vaccines. If you think vaccines are the way to health, watch this!

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The Government is Doing WHAT to Get You to Get a Flu Shot?

Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the flu shot and the populations it's intended for. He also discusses the side effects that you never hear about as well as how the government may play a role in trying to get you to get your flu shot. You may think differently about getting the shot after watching this!

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