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Revealed: Your Health Can't Come From a Vaccine!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains why she says health can not come from a needle. She talks about staying healthy naturally and how that would take care of any 'need' for vaccines. If you think vaccines are the way to health, watch this!

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The Government is Doing WHAT to Get You to Get a Flu Shot?

Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the flu shot and the populations it's intended for. He also discusses the side effects that you never hear about as well as how the government may play a role in trying to get you to get your flu shot. You may think differently about getting the shot after watching this!

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You'll Be Glad You Watched This Before Vaccinating Your Child!

The number of vaccines in kids' recommended vaccine schedules continues to grow. Is this a good thing? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses this topic and addresses one of the main concerns between the research and MD's.

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Flu Shot Scam? Studies Show THIS is Just as Effective!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny cites a couple of studies that indicate flu shots are no more beneficial than a placebo! However, she says there are still plenty of dangerous side effects from the shot that so many get every single year!

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Warning! Those Vaccines Don't Do What You Think!

Do vaccines really do what we think? Dr. Bob DeMaria has some insight into a number of different vaccinations and how they are supposed to work. He discusses the immune system and what vaccines really do to your immune health.

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