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Know Your Options When it Comes to Vaccines!

The pressure to vaccinate kids before school, daycare, etc. is growing. What are your options as a parent or caregiver? Ginger Taylor, Executive Director of the Canary Party discusses your options and where you can go for answers.

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Are Vaccines to Blame for Autism Rates? This May Change Your Mind!

Ginger Taylor is the Executive director of the Canary Party. She has an autistic son and discusses why cases of autism continue to climb at an alarming rate. Are vaccines at least partly to blame? Listen to what she has to say, she makes some startling connections!

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'The Vaccine Program Is So Corrupt' - Find Out Why!

Ginger Taylor is the co-founder of the Canary Party. Find out why she says about the vaccine program in general and her thoughts on the pro-vaccine argument that says some diseases have nearly been eliminated by them. You might be surprised at how you think after watching this!

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You Might Want to Think Twice Before Getting This Vaccine

Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses potential toxicity in vaccines. He says the vaccines have changed over the years to remove a toxic substance. However there is one category of vaccines that still include this toxin. What do you think about these?

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Flu Shot? Why This Doctor Says You're Risking a Lot!

Robert Scott Bell talks about whether or not flu shots are really effective. He says to be warned if your doctor says he or she got a flu shot! Also, find out what he says is a more effective protection against the flu!

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