What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Cholesterol

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Dr. Bob Demaria says cholesterol is not good or bad. He describes its function in the body and how it gets raised. But taking prescription medication to lower it may cause more harm than good, Dr. Bob explains why in this video.

Contributor(s): DeMaria, Robert D.C, N.H.D
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Dr. Bob De Maria: So the next medication that I have a real challenge with is kids on ADHD meds. It was reported recently in one of the major leading newspapers, The United States Business Newspaper, that there was a shortage of Adderall. A shortage! Now imagine what I just said to you. There's a shortage of a drug that's used to treat ADHD. We shouldn't even have ADHD in America and they ran out of drugs. 

Twenty-five million prescriptions, by the way, just for ADHD meds in 2009; 45 million meds for Asthma. And then we could keep going with the, the diabetic type of medication and, once again, we are not telling anybody to go off their meds. We know that diabetes is the third biggest killer in our society today; third biggest killer. Most diabetics are overweight. Not all overweight people become diabetics. 

We talked about statins; 50% of the women who are menopausal who take a statin drug will become diabetics. Fifty percent of them will get dementia. So when we talk about Doctor Bob's ABC's, I'm not playing around. Cholesterol elevates, not just because of food; so it's not just about dairy and red meat. I don't even talk about them when I tell people to lower their cholesterol. The leading reason for having high cholesterol? Subpar thyroid function, stress, sugar, and trans fatty acid. 

Trans fatty acid, or partial hydrogenate oils, cause inflammation in the body. That inflammation causes your cholesterol to go up because your cholesterol makes cortisone. Cortisone is the water in your body, figuratively, that puts the fire out. 

Cholesterol is really not good or bad. Cholesterol is like a fireman.

Scott: Okay.

Dr. Bob De Maria: Firemen put out fires. High cholesterol, so if go into your healthcare provider right now and your LDL is high, see, cholesterol cannot float in blood 'cuz cholesterol's an alcohol. It needs a truck. The truck that takes the firemen to the fire is the LDL truck so if you need a lot of stress and you go into your healthcare provider and you have pain in your body and your cortisone is low, your brain will tell your body to make cholesterol first, then pregnenolone, and then progesterone. Progesterone becomes cortisone. 

I know people are gonna watch this tape more than one time. So the progesterone will make cortisone but if your LDL is up because all the firemen are going to the fire, your healthcare provider, from his due dillegence, will put you on a drug to lower the LDL. Nobody ever asks what's causing the fire. The fire's caused by sugar, trans fat, and one of the biggest foods in America that people are absolutely addicted to, is ice cream. 

When somebody comes in my practice and they have a high LDL, I have them do a diet sheet. I want to see what they're eating and guess what they're eating? Everything I just told you. So we can eliminate a lot of medications just by empowering people to make wise choices.
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