Weight Loss Goals with IGOB131® African Mango

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What kind of results you might see by taking african mango can vary from person to person. But Dr. Bruce Abedon has some realistic and healthy goals that might be seen with the product.

Contributor(s): Abedon, Bruce Ph.D.
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Interviewer: What kind of results can people expect? And obviously, with the, when you're talking about weight loss, it can, again, run the gamut. What can people expect, and maybe, how long can people expect, in general terms, knowing that everybody's different?

Bruce Abedon, PhD: Sure. Well, the first thing to remember that, when taking any weight management supplement, is you shouldn't expect results, to lose 10 pounds in a week, or even 15 pounds in two weeks. Any type of weight loss like that will immediately trigger a boomerang effect, and people often end up gaining even more weight than they lost, when they lose weight that rapidly.

The best way to lose weight is to lose it slowly, gradually over a long period of time. Combine a weight loss supplement with a change in diet, and improved eating fruits and vegetables, eating a healthy diet. Also, increasing their level of exercise, and maintaining that for the rest of their life. 

So, really, especially because everybody's physiology is different, you can't predict how for a given person, how fast they'll lose weight. But I would say that the studies across the board have shown that, people, when they lose one to two pounds a week, over a long duration, will be able to keep that weight off. Whereas, if people lose weight very quickly, go on binge dieting, take large levels of supplements in order to lose a lot of weight, inevitably, they will end up gaining all of that weight back.
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