The Discovery of Splenda

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Dr. Joseph Mercola shares how Splenda was discovered while scientists were researching new insecticides.

Contributor(s): Mercola, Joseph D.O.
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The Discovery of Splenda
Lecture by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Hello, this is Dr. Mercola and this is a video update for Tuesday, October 24th. And first of all, I want to apologize if you were one of the viewers who had problems seeing the video from Saturday, how TV is ruining your life. Google had some flakiness, but we were able to correct it and the video is up and available if you want to view it now. So, but today, I’ve got some shocking information for you about how Splenda was actually discovered. See, in the process of doing my research for Sweet Deception, we learned that in 1975, there was an Indian graduate student in London who is doing research on insecticides. Yes, insecticides. He was trying to discover a new way to kill insects. In the process of doing that, he was actually dripping a chlorinated solution onto sugar and his advisor actually asked him to test these new compounds because of the language barrier, he misunderstood him and actually tasted it. Yes, he tasted it and he found out—to his surprise—that it was sweet. Well, these researchers weren’t stupid, they had an entrepreneurial bend, and they actually wound up selling this compound to one of the largest sugar manufacturers in the world, Tate and Lyle. And in 1988, this substance, called sucralose, was actually approved for use in the United States. And, as I mentioned on the videos from last week, Splenda is a chlorinated organic compound and there’s a remarkable similarity to other organic chlorinated compounds that are biological warfare agents, DDT and PCBs. See, our body does not possess the metabolic machinery to break these down, which is one of the reasons they’re so effective as poisons and insecticides. So—and most of the researchers we interviewed for this book would not be consuming these at all. They just were shocked that they were ever approved. So, this is some of the type of information that is available in the book Sweet Deception and you can see it’s possible for you to actually pick up this book now. It goes on sale in about two weeks. Now, I want to dispel some of the confusions that some people have about me writing books. I want to pull back the curtains and let you in on some secrets here. See, the mission of the books is to actually inform the public on the fraud and deception that is so pervasive in our culture when it comes to health products and food additives and drugs and all these other issues. So, that’s one of the reasons why we write the book. I don’t write the book to earn large amounts of income. You know, if we were going to do that, we would self-publish the book, but this book is published through a traditional publisher. And actually, we want to expose the message to as many people as possible and the best way to do that is to make the New York Times Best Seller List. And that’s what we did with The Great Bird Flu Hoax last week and that’s what we hope to do with this book, Sweet Deception. The way that we do that though, is we actually collect the orders from our subscribers, like you, and then we collect them all and we actually give them to the book distributors–or the book vendors, like Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Borders and we give it to them on a Monday so that they can collect and process all the orders over a one week period and they can report those purchases to the New York Times in a one week period because if it was split over two or three weeks, we wouldn’t make the list because of the volume. But in the process of doing that though, we actually have to buy the book at retail, so that when you purchase the book from us, we just turn around and go and purchase it from Amazon. So, we actually lose money on this whole process. And in the campaign, the last one, we actually spent three and a half times what we earned from writing the book. So, I don’t mind doing that though, but because the intention of the book is, as I said, to spread the message. So, I’m hoping that you can work with us in this campaign to spread the word about the fraud and deception. But there is a slight penalty, though, that if you do purchase this—and I want to warn you about it—that if you purchase the book from us on this site, that it will be a week or two weeks delay that you will receive the book after it’s available in the bookstores. But to compensate you for this delay, we’re going to give you a bunch of great bonuses that you won’t get at the bookstore. So, hopefully, you’ll work with us as a team, so that we can inform the world and let them know about the incredible fraud that’s occurring out there. Now, I’m going to share more of this fraud with you in future updates in the next two weeks, so, please stay tuned.
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