Physicians Cause Disease

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Dr. Joel Wallach talks about how to cure diseases he says are actually caused by physicians. Dr. Wallach came up with a system that helps you supplement all 90 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. He also talks about being able to rebuild joints with the help of those raw materials.

Contributor(s): Wallach, Joel BS, DVM, ND
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Dr. Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND: So we've made a complete system, which we call the 'Mighty 90.' And there's, like, 25 different ways to get that depending on, you know, people have allergies to shellfish or they've got allergies to this, that and the other. So  we've come up with 25 different ways to cover every known eventuality. Whether they like liquids or capsules, whatever. We've covered all these things in what we call the 'Mighty 90.' We assure them that they are going to get optimal, and in many cases 8,000 times, or 16,000 times, or 30,000 times the minimum daily requirement. Because when you have a disease which is debilitating you to the point where doctors have got you on pharmaceuticals, they want to cut your knees out and put in artificial knees, people don't want to wait a year to be healed. 

So what we've learned is to use a 'bigger hammer,' as I call it. And to give them mega doses of nutrients, to the point where we can rebuild joints. We can rebuild the cartilage. I've had people whose meniscus has been surgically removed because of a terrible accident. They were all torn up, they surgically removed these. And we've rebuilt them. Because surgeons are sloppy. They always leave a couple stem cells for me. And I can get to them and rebuild the cartilage, rebuild the meniscus. I do this all the time. 

And we've learned a lot over 33 years. We use a heavy hammer so that within three to six weeks people are saying, 'I can't believe this. I mean, I was on medication for 40 years. I'm off my medication now, after three weeks.' People who are all gnarled up with rheumatoid arthritis. It took a year, but their fingers are all straightened up, and they can play the piano now. 

Andrew Young, who was Jimmy Carter's ambassador to the U.N. He was the mayor of Atlanta, and the U.S. Representative for the state of Georgia. He was scheduled for double knee surgery 20 years ago. His son called me up and asked me to help him. And I regrew his knees 20 years ago. He canceled his surgeries. I rebuilt his knees for him and he's never had to have surgery on his knees. 

I'm the guy, through Andy Young, who rebuilt Evander Holyfield's heart. Now you think about it. Here's a guy who had  a heart attack during a championship fight. He was able to go back and get approval in the Boxing Commission physicals to go back and box professionally. After he's had a heart attack. How can you do that? Well, I can do that. I take people off dialysis all the time. I get people off the heart transplant list all the time. I regrow cartilage. I grew heart muscle.  I grow knees. I regrow kidneys. I make kidneys function. I reverse muscular dystrophy. Reverse cystic fibrosis in kids. So it's very, very gratifying. 

Oh, here's another one. Dementia. Big problem now, with 80 million baby boomers. They're all going to get dementia because they followed the doctor's advice. Alzheimer's disease is a physician-caused disease. Just like Vitamin D3  deficiency is physician-caused disease. Erectile dysfunction and menopause are physician-caused diseases. I can tell by your face, you're sort of like, 'What?'

Interviewer: Yeah. Menopause. I thought that was something that ... 

Dr. Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND: Well, our grandmothers went through menopause in three seconds, without one hot flash. Now, our modern women spend half their life dealing with it. And they go through three husbands because guys can't stand it. 

So, basically was it is, is they have been told they have to give up cholesterol in their diet. Well, cholesterol is the raw material for ovaries to make estrogen and progesterone. Cholesterol is the basic raw material to make steroids, which make estrogen and progesterone. You go on a low-cholesterol diet, you get cholesterol lowering drugs, you're going to have menopausal symptoms. To the point where you're like a flaming idiot. 

Men will have erectile dysfunction because testosterone is 95% by weight cholesterol. You go on a cholesterol restricted diet, cholesterol lowering drugs, there is nobody home anymore. Right? It's really simple. 

When it comes to Alzheimer's disease, 75% of your brain weight is this fatty insulation material called myelin. When you get Alzheimer's disease the myelin goes away and the naked nerve fiber is all tangled up, and it's legendary that nerve tangles are the icon diagnostic feature of Alzheimer's disease, compared to the other three classic dementias, which don't have that. This myelin, this fatty insulation material of the brain, makes up 75% of your brain weight, is 100% cholesterol. So, you're on a cholesterol-restricted diet, you take cholesterol lowering drugs, there's nobody home up here, nobody home down there. I mean, life is a mess. 

Doctors, for the last 50 years have been telling people to stay out of the sun, because of skin cancer. Now, if you have to go out in the fun Scott, be sure you're taking SPF 7 billion sun block to protect yourself. You have to wear long sleeves on top of that, and gloves, and a big brim hat. Do not go out in the moonlight, because you're going to get skin cancer. 

And for gosh sakes, do not take any Vitamin A and D because they will damage your liver. And so everybody in America has a Vitamin D3 deficiency. Now they've discovered that Vitamin D3 is useful. Oh my gosh, everybody has a Vitamin D3 deficiency. Well, medical doctors caused that. By telling everybody to get out of the sun and stay away from Vitamin A and D. So, you think about it, all the diseases that doctors have caused are found in the highest levels in the baby boomers. 

Obesity is a physician caused disease. 40% of Americans are obese, and this is caused by medical doctors' misinformation, misadventure, and criminally negligent advice.
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