Coconut Oil Helps the Thyroid

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Dr. Bruce Fife on how coconut oil helps the thyroid gland and helps kick-start it.

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Coconut Oil Helps th Thyroid
Interview with Dr. Bruce Fife
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
January 20, 2009

Raena Morgan: Today a lot of people are talking about the thyroid and that’s being attributed to weight problems. What effect does the coconut oil have on the thyroid?

Dr. Bruce Fife: Well, as you know the thyroid controls our metabolism. And, coconut oil, and medium chain fatty acids that make up coconut oil, are processed in the liver and when they do so they boost metabolism. So, metabolism in the body is given a lift which gives aid to the thyroid gland. And, in many people who have a sluggish thyroid, this boosts, actually kind of kick starts, the thyroid and gets it working more normally. And so, lots of people with low thyroid problems can benefit by adding coconut oil into their diet. In fact, if people are taking thyroid medication I always warn them that when they start taking coconut oil they need to check with their doctor because their metabolism will rise so much that the medication they are taking will be too much for them and they need to cut back on it.

RM: So, you can essentially kick start the thyroid with coconut oil?

BF: Yes.

RM: That’s a funny visual! But, it stimulates metabolism; it boosts metabolism and that’s what affects the thyroid?

BF: Correct.

RM: And sluggish thyroid is a real common problem.

BF: Correct, and when you add the coconut oil in your diet and use it as a regular part of your diet, you can keep your metabolism up and then medications can be weaned off, and some people can totally get off medications entirely by just adding the coconut oil into their diet.

RM: And that’s the good news.

BF: Yes.

RM: Thank you.
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