Stopping Prostate Cancer

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Dr. Aaron Katz offers an herbal approach to prevent prostate cancer, based on the results of a study that proved Zyflamend blocked cancer from forming in men at risk.

Contributor(s): Katz, Aaron M.D.
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Stopping Prostate Cancer
Interview with Dr. Aaron Katz
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
September 18, 2007

Raena Morgan: Hi, I’m Raena Morgan with iHealthTube. We’ve been visiting with Dr. Katz. And, we want to talk about this exciting clinical study that you have going on—for it’s a PIN Prevention Protocol?

Dr. Aaron Katz: Yes. So much of our health care is focused on cancer treatment and we’ve had very little on cancer prevention. And, as we were mentioning—prostate cancer, which is the #1 cancer in men right now, is a major health concern in the United States. And, what we’ve taken on at Columbia is, I think, the first herbal approach to prostate cancer prevention. We’ve done an extensive amount of research in our laboratory at Columbia University on Zyflamend, containing the herbs that we mentioned—ginger and turmeric and holy basil and oregano and green tea.

RM: And skullcap.

AK: And skullcap, and resveratrol, all of the things that may play a role in this blockage of inflammation and cancer development.

RM: And, the PIN would be the stage before full-blown cancer?

AK: That’s correct. I mean, so what we decided to do is look at men that have already had a biopsy because of a likely elevation in PSA. Their biopsy doesn’t, again, show cancer, but there are warning signs in the biopsy that cancer is likely to develop in the near future—and that condition is called PIN. And, [we] treat these men in a dose escalation trial where we have given them Zyflamend as well as other products that are in the Zyflamend—like turmeric force, like the multi vitamin, and to try and prevent the cancer development…by documenting this…not only by repeating their PSAs every 3 months for 18 months, but also [by] repeating their prostate biopsies every 6 months for up to 18 months.

RM: And how is the trial evolving?

AK: Well, the trial right now is finished.

RM: It’s finished?

AK: It is one of the fastest trials that we were able to accrue our patients on. And, I think that, again, as a sign of the changing times right now… men are trying to incorporate some of these lifestyle changes and supplements into their lifestyle, into their diet, to try and block cancer. Frankly, right now, if you have PIN and you see a urologist, there’s no other treatment for this condition. The only thing that a urologist would tell you to do would be probably to repeat a prostate biopsy. We’ve taken on a more active approach; we’ve taken on a compound that has shown efficacy in the laboratory, that appears to work very well for our patients and initiated this clinical trial.

RM: So, this is all very natural, these ingredients that are in Zyflamend?

AK: Yes. The Zyflamend which is manufactured by a company in Brattleboro, Vermont—New Chapter—takes the herbs from the ground, and super critically extracts them without using any of the solvents that some of the other companies use, which can degrade the biological activity. Because, it’s not only the herbs, but it’s how the herbs are extracted. And, this is done in a more gentle and a more natural way.

RM: Thank you, Dr. Katz.

AK: You’re welcome.

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