How Much Cinnamon Do I Need to Eat to Get Benefits?

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You would have to eat a lot of cinnamon every day to get the benefits you'd receive from a cinnamon extract supplement. Find out exactly how much spice it would take.

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How Much Cinnamon Do I Need to Eat to Get Benefits?
Interview with Peter Miller
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
November 20, 2008

Raena Morgan: I’m curious, Peter. You recommend with Cinnulin to take two capsules per day of two hundred and fifty milligrams each. How does that compute to eating cinnamon? How much cinnamon would that require if you were going to be eating just cinnamon?

Peter Miller: That’s a great question. The extract ratio is approximately twenty to one for Cinnulin PF. So to put that in a context, it would take about five grams of cinnamon to equal one capsule of two hundred and fifty milligrams of Cinnulin PF. Or if you look at that on a daily dose, it would take ten grams of cinnamon powder to equal the five hundred milligrams of Cinnulin that we recommend, and that human clinical research is supported to be efficacious for the consumption of Cinnulin.

RM: Okay. So I’m trying to imagine what that would look like.

PM: Actually, it would be approximately two to three teaspoons, heaping teaspoons, of cinnamon powder. But I think it’s important to remember that leading authorities, like Doctor Anderson, have really cautioned against using high amounts of cinnamon powders in that nature. And by taking, you know, several teaspoons of cinnamon a day, I think it could potentially be harmful to human health if consumed over the long term because of those fat-soluble constituents that we spoke of.

RM: So that’s why we shouldn’t be taking heaping teaspoons of cinnamon.

PM: That is correct.

RM: Thank you very much.

PM: Thank you.
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