A Healthy Way to Fry Food

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People are told to avoid fried foods because of the unhealthy oils used in them. But coconut oil is very heat stable and a great oil to be used in frying and deep-frying.

Contributor(s): Fife, Bruce N.D.
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A Healthy Way to Fry Food
Interview with Dr. Bruce Fife
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
January 20, 2009

Raena Morgan: Frying your food. Anybody who’s health conscious tries to avoid frying their food. What are the benefits of coconut oil as an oil that you can fry food in? Will it work?

Dr. Bruce Fife: You know, for many years I avoided fried foods because I knew that when foods were fried that the oils oxidized and became very unhealthy. But then as I learned about coconut oil I found an oil that is very heat stable, that does not oxidize, [that] does not create free radicals when it’s heated under normal cooking conditions. And so, coconut oil is an excellent oil to use in any type of frying or baking, or even deep frying.

RM: You can put it in a deep fryer?

BF: You can put it in a deep fryer, and actually, I went out and bought a fryer and we put coconut oil [in it] and occasionally we’ll fry some foods. And, I can eat some French fries for the first time in years and feel like I’m not destroying my health.

RM: Excellent. And so the heat will not break it down?

BF: Not in normal cooking temperatures, no.

RM: So, you can enjoy fried foods again and they can be healthy?

BF: Yes.

RM: Ah, excellent!

BF: Healthy fried foods!

RM: Healthy fried foods! Thank you Bruce.

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