Benefits of Celadrin

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe explains how Celadrin is a natural anti-inflammatory that can aid many medical conditions. She looks at the topical form of celadrin and how that can benefit joint pain and muscle soreness.

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Benefits of Celadrin
Interview with Lorna Vanderhaeghe
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
November 12, 2009

Raena Morgan: Can celadrin have a positive impact on conditions like fibromyalgia?

Lorna Vanderhaeghe: Well absolutely, if we look at the fact that celadrin is a natural anti-inflammatory, and if we look at the fact that inflammation can be occurring in the muscles, which we see in fibromyalgia. Inflammation can be occurring in the digestive tract, we see this with irritable bowel syndrome. If we take something like celadrin orally, because of course celadrin is available in a cream form as well as in an oral form, we get great benefits to people who have fibromyalgia, especially if they combine celadrin with malic acid and magnesium, and that combination works beautifully for fibromyalgia and inflammation in fibromyalgia and getting rid of that pain, you know.

RM: Yes.

LV: And then I would also combine the celadrin topical cream. So if you’ve got, you know, for example, if your fibromyalgia shows up in very sore shoulders or neck, massage it in morning and night, have your partner massage it in for you, and they’re going to get the benefit on their hands from the celadrin cream as well.

RM: What about some other conditions, like low back pain or being in an accident and recovering from that, or surgery?

LV: Right. The celadrin arthritis cream is fabulous for anybody who’s got low back pain. Sports athletes,-

RM: Oh yes.

LV: -I mean anybody who is the weekend warrior who goes out there and does just a little bit too much and is sore all week. Body builders love it. It’s great if you’ve got a sore neck from, you know, working at a computer.

RM: Oh yes.

LV: So anything that has to do with muscle fatigue and muscle pain, and if gives you instant relief. This is the beauty of the topical celadrin cream, is we believe- it hasn’t been researched in this particular area,-

RM: All right.

LV: -but we believe it works on substance P, which is the pain receptors in the skin; it must be the only reason why it gives you that instant relief. And of course if you use it long-term, you get the deep benefits. And the nice thing about the topical celadrin cream is it won’t interact with your medications, so you can be taking all kinds of very powerful medications and never have to worry about drug/nutrient interactions.

RM: Especially after surgery, you might be.

LV: That’s right.

RM: Okay. Thank you, Lorna.

LV: Thank you.
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