What Are Nattozimes?

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Nena Dockery discusses nattozimes, a fungal-based enzyme that is used to help maintain cardiovascular support and fight inflammation after activity.

Contributor(s): Dockery, Nena M.S.
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What Are Nattozimes?
Interview with Nena Dockery
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
June 25, 2009

Raena Morgan: Nattozimes, is that a fermented soybean kind of thing?

Nena Dockery: Yeah. The nattozimes that we have is a fermented enzyme, it’s a microbial-based, it is a fungal-based enzyme, and it is based from a fungal organism or two, and it is one that is taken orally, and so it functions systemically as well.

RM: We would take that between meals?

ND: Take it between meals. It is a very high-activity, proteolytic blend of enzymes. Nattozimes is a specific blend of these fungal, these are fungal-based, but they’re microbial, but they’re fungal-based enzymes. And yes, and so then they take them between meals then can transfer across the intestinal wall to function there.

RM: And this can help-

ND: General cardiovascular support.

RM: Okay.

ND: A lot of them are taken for cardiovascular support, to help keep the blood flowing better, because we know that these types of enzymes have a fibrinolytic activity, so they help break down the fibrin that forms within the bloodstream that forms clots many times.

RM: Sure.

ND: So it can kind of keep the blood flowing more freely and therefore less likely to develop these fibrin clots because they are fibrinolytics, so it can function as cardiovascular support. Then if taken in a higher dosage, they become more of a help for what we would call an acute condition. Say, you know, this time of year we really want to be out in the sunshine, we want to be playing and gardening and all this kind of wonderful stuff, but we come in and then we can’t move because our muscles are just not accustomed to that, and so these enzymes can help with the repair, ameliorating the inflammation that forms in that muscle tissue as a result of this overuse and strain that we are taking part in this time of year.

RM: Thank you so much.
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