Combining Different Forms of L-carnitine Supplements

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Can you take multiple forms of l-carnitine at the same time? Ken Hassen on the benefits of combining different forms of carnitine supplements.

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L-Carnitine Combinations
Interview with Dr. Ken Hassen
Interviewed by Tom Audette
June 24, 2008

Tom Audette: Ken, we’ve been talking about various forms of L-Carnitine and their specific purposes or benefits that they have to the body. Would there be reasons why a person might want to combine different forms of L-Carnitine? Is there some benefit that could be derived from doing that?

Dr. Ken Hassen: Oh, absolutely. On the simplest plain, people combine forms of carnitine because they want to cover a few bases and they’re not entirely certain which bases they should cover, so they take more or less of a shotgun effect. But on a purely scientific basis, there’s reason for building the amount of carnitine that you would take, so in essence, like I said, taking carnitine base is a good practice and I try to get at least a gram or gram and a half of it a day as a foundation. And then I take maybe a half of gram of Acetyl Carnitine in the form of Argino-Carn and then take a gram and a half to two grams of Glyco-Carn. So, essentially, I’m combining those three forms of carnitine. Now, that’s dynamic and I’m able to do it because I happen to work in the grocery store. But that there are formulas that are out there that people can get that are already made for them to help them make the decision. So, they would get the basis for the basic foundation, which is the Acetyl Carnitine—which is the carnitine base—and then an Argino-Carn or a Glyco-Carn in a bargain, so that they would get a well-rounded formula for it. And then on top of that, they are getting close to that two to three grams a day that’s been shown to offer the most optimal support.

TA: Thank you, Ken.

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