How Much 7-Keto Should You Take?

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Does the dose of 7-keto make a difference? Dr. John Zenk answers that and talks about any interactions with other vitamins or supplements as well as when a good time to take 7-keto is.

Contributor(s): Zenk, John M.D.
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Interviewer: Doctor, we've been talking about 7-Keto. How do we know how much to take? Does it depend on how overweight we are? How much weight we want to lose? How do we know how much to take?

Dr. John Zenk: What we recommend is that you take the dose that we used in our clinical trials. That's the dose we are most confident in. That's the dose that we use to make our claims for the product and so that's 100 milligrams, twice a day. And most of our customers, in fact, pretty much all of them, use, you know, combinations of that to get to a total dose of 200 milligrams a day. You'll find products out there; our company basically sells bulk ingredient by the kilo, and our customers convert it into a finished product, so you'll find capsules out there that have 7-Keto on that label that are just stand alone 7-Keto; nothing else added. Then you'll see some of our customers that will add other ingredients to perhaps get a synergistic effect with the 7-Keto. There might be other thermogenics, there might be vitamins, there might be ceelee[sp] or green tea or that sort of thing to make their product unique and hopefully help it work better.

Interviewer: Doctor, when we talk about taking 7-Keto, we  know the dosage. You talked about that. Does it matter if we take it with food, morning, night, with another other vitamins? Does any of that make a difference?

Dr. John Zenk: Yeah. Like we mentioned, there's really no interactions. We haven't noticed a difference taking it fasting or taking it with food, so either one of those is fine. Our recommendations are to split, based on the half life, if you split the dose right around 8 hours apart, take your first dose in the morning, like at 8:00am or 9:00am and take your second dose at 4:00pm or 5:00pm in the afternoon. That regimen seems to work out well. That's what we recommend for our clinical trials. That's our usual directive on how to take it.

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