Coconut Oil: Liquid or Solid?

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Dr. Bruce Fife explains coconut oil's process of going in between being a liquid and solid and how it doesn't affect the oil.

Contributor(s): Fife, Bruce N.D.
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Coconut Oil: Liquid or Solid?
Interview with Dr. Bruce Fife
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
January 20, 2009

Raena Morgan: When you’re storing the coconut oil, is there any danger of it going from solid to liquid back to solid, you know, that kind of thing?

Dr. Bruce Fife: No. It’s a normal process. It’s just like water being frozen to ice and water. You can go back and forth, but there’s chemically and nutritionally no difference in the water. The same way with the coconut oil. It will continually go to solid to liquid, depending on the temperature in your area and there’s no difference in its nutritional or its health value.

RM: Okay. So, it doesn’t break down.

BF: Right.

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