The Good and the Bad of Onions and Garlic

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Onions and garlic have many health properties, but those specific foods can make a person's dosha unbalanced. It may be beneficial for some, but not for others. Determining your dosha type can help you figure out if what foods are right for you.

Contributor(s): Vinick, Mark D.C., C.A.S.
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The Good and the Bad of Onions and Garlic
Interview with Dr. Mark Vinick
Interviewed by Tom Audette
August 13, 2008

Tom Audette: Doctor I’ve heard that some Ayurvedic doctors recommend that people avoid eating things like garlic and onions, things that in the west I think a lot of people think are very good for you.

Dr. Mark Vinick: Yes, I agree. Both onions and garlic do have medicinal qualities. They can boost immunity. They can build soma, immunity in the system. They can also lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and they can also thin the blood.

TA: All good things.

MV: All good things. But they’re both very pungent, which may be good in a kapha individual if they don’t have any other imbalances. Because if they have a lot of heat in their system like a, if a kapha/pitta person is having a lot of garlic in the summer, it can overheat their system and this overheating can agitate the mind. There was a recent study done about a year ago at UCLA and they showed that garlic in particular decreases intuition in individuals who have higher than average intuition. And it does so for pretty much the whole rest of that day after eating it. So again it depends. It depends on the person. It depends on their situation. It may be beneficial for others and for others it may be not so beneficial.

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