Impact of Coconut Oil on Blood Sugar and Diabetes

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Bruce Fife explains that Coconut oil slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood stream and helps the pancreas with improving insulin sensitivity, which is very beneficial to diabetics.

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Impact of Coconut Oil on Blood Sugar and Diabetes
Interview with Dr. Bruce Fife
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
January 20, 2009

Raena Morgan: Bruce, we’ve talked about coconut oil affecting heart disease and cholesterol in a very positive way. What about the impact on blood sugar and diseases like diabetes?

Dr. Bruce Fife: It has a very significant impact on conditions like that, a very positive impact. When you eat coconut oil, coconut oil actually slows down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. So, it helps balance sugar, blood sugar. It also helps with the pancreas in secreting insulin and improving insulin sensitivity, so it actually helps in reversing insulin resistance. So, it is very beneficial to diabetics.

RM: As opposed to eating corn oil?

BF: As opposed to eating corn oil or other oils. Another benefit with the coconut oil is that it helps improve circulation. A lot of people say coconut oil is going to clog the arteries and such.

RM: Right.

BF: Well, it does just the opposite. It improves circulation. We get lots of people calling us and telling us—a lot of diabetics call us and explain to us what coconut oil has done for them. And, it’s really amazing because one of the primary symptoms of diabetes is the lack of circulation in the legs and the feet.

RM: That’s true. Right.

BF: And so they lose their feeling in their feet. Well, coconut oil can improve circulation to the point that the feeling returns. For example, one man told us that his feet had been numb 6 years due to his diabetes, and he’d received a cut on his lower leg and because of poor circulation the cut refused to heal. And, it remained there for several months with showing no signs of healing. Well, he started to eat 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil everyday. Within 10 days the cut was completely healed and his circulation and his feeling came back into his feet. So, for 6 years he had been numb and within 10 days of using coconut oil the feeling returned. I don’t know of any herb or any medicine that can reverse the symptoms of diabetes as good as coconut oil can.

RM: I have a friend who has MS and she can’t feel her feet a lot of the times, so again, it’s a circulation problem.

BF: Have her eat coconut oil; it’s not going to hurt and it’s going to have a lot of benefit.

RM: And, as far as raising blood sugar, you know, they say you need to eat fat with a meal to keep your blood sugar from jumping up there when you [eat].

BF: Coconut oil is excellent for keeping blood sugar under control. In fact, we’ve had people contact us and say when they eat a meal and their blood sugar goes too high, what they do is they eat a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and within 30 minutes their blood sugar levels come back to normal.

RM: And they can test it.

BF: They can test it.

RM: So, it’s great for glucose control?

BF: Yes.

RM: Thanks Bruce.
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