7-Keto and DHEA

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How are the two related? How are the two different? The two are often mentioned in the same breath, but Dr. John Zenk talks has some important information about the two and how you can find weight loss benefits.

Contributor(s): Zenk, John M.D.
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Interviewer: Dr. John Zenk, we're talking about 7-Keto. Can you talk a little bit about its relationship with DHEA? We've heard, I think, a lot about DHEA. How do the two work hand in hand? Do we need to supplement with both as we get older? How does that work?

Dr. John Zenk: Commonly asked question. And the answer is they are two distinctly different chemical entities. Even though 7-Keto is a natural metaboloid of DHEA, they're pharmacologically different. In other words, in the body they have different functions. DHEA, as you probably know, converts to a number of different things; some of which are testosterone, estrogen, other androgenic compounds, which increases its side effect profile. 

Interviewer: Okay.

Dr. John Zenk: 7-Keto's major difference between DHEA is that it does not convert to these other hormone molecules, particularly does not convert to estrogen, and does not convert to testosterone, either. And the molecule, in and of itself, is not androgenic. Other researchers have tested it and found that it has no affinity at all for the androgen receptor, which is the gold standard for determining whether something is androgenic, like testosterone. We actually compare it to testosterone, which is the gold standard.

Those are the major important differences. They do have some things in common. They're both thermogenic agents, like we've been talking about. They both have an effect of improving immune function, particularly T-cell mediated immunity. 

Interviewer: Okay.

Dr. John Zenk: They're interesting molecules. Our major focus with 7-Keto has been on its ability to increase the activity of these fat burning enzymes, and to help people lose weight.

Interviewer: Okay. And you mentioned that it's not converted into sex hormones, and anybody who reads about 7-Keto I think sees that. Why is that important?

Dr. John Zenk: It's important because the side effect profile of DHEA is pretty majorly linked to these compounds that it converts to, like estrogen or testosterone. You really don't want that happening. And men taking DHEA get excessive amounts of estrogens. They get more features  associated with that that occur. Women on DHEA get virilizing side effects from too much testosterone. 

That increases DHEA side effect profile. 7-Keto has none of that. I mean, we've been actually testing it in humans for years. We've found that it doesn't affect hormone levels. We know that for sure. We've been selling it since 1998, and we've haven't had one report of any of these sex hormone related side effects. We've probably sold two hundred million doses since it first went on the market. We haven't had any adverse event reports from anyone. It's very well tolerated. It appears to be very safe and effective.
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