Cod Liver Oil Supplementation

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Dr. Jorn Dyerberg on the benefits of taking a cod liver oil supplement.

Contributor(s): Dyerberg, Jorn M.D.
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Cod Liver Oil Supplementation
Interview with Dr. Jorn Dyerberg
Interviewed by Raena Morgan
November 5, 2007

Raena Morgan: What about taking cod liver oil? You’d mentioned that?

Dr. Jorn Dyerberg: Cod liver oil is a fine thing. When I was a kid, I always got it. My mother forced it into me. Not very many like [it]—except for the Norwegians like cod liver oil. But we didn’t get it for being smart and getting omega 3s. We got it for avoiding rickets. That was due to the content of vitamin D and I would say vitamin D is a very essential component and the intake of vitamin D is far too low, to so I would strongly say that cod liver oil is a fine supplementation. But I will not believe that very many will follow that advice—

RM: Probably not.

JD: due to the—no, probably not—due to the taste. So, the vitamin D you should have from another source and then you can get concentrated fish oils, which can be delivered in capsules. In that respect, only 1 or 2 capsules a day will correspond to the level, but I must stress, as a nutritionist, it’s a nutritional issue and my advice is to increase the amount of fatty fish consumption. And only if you don’t do that, you can consider supplementation.

RM: Okay, well, thank you Dr. Dyerberg.

JD: Thank you.
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