How Much Glutathione Do You Need?

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Dr. Don Colbert talks about supplementing with glutathione. He talks about how much you might need, depending on what kinds of conditions you might be dealing with.

Contributor(s): Colbert, Don MD
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Q: Doctor, when we would talk about supplementing Glutathione, what kind of numbers are we looking at in terms of a daily amount? Does that depend a lot on the person and where their levels are at?

Dr.: Well again, it depends on a few things, it depends on the patients age, it depends on the amount of disease they have, the amount of inflammation they have, the amount of toxicity they have, the amount of, you know, do they follow a good diet, is it a standard American diet full of inflammatory foods like trans fats, and saturated fats and fried foods? So it depends on a lot. Generally speaking, we can boost Glutathione levels by approximately 300 percent within 2 months by simply taking, I have three main glutathione boosters I use, and they're all based on Dr. Nagasawus research. And we find again, with certain conditions, like if they're very inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, they're going to need more. If they have lupus they're gonna need some more, if they have dementia or alzheimers, early alzheimers, they're gonna need quite a bit too. These are very important because again, these are inflammatory diseases, we're putting the inflammation out plus we're detoxifying heavy metals, we're plenishing free radicals, we're pulling out solvents and chemicals and toxins like organophosphate pesticides. So that's why it's so important to check these levels, check anti-oxidant capabilitles, you know, your spectrots, and see how you're doing before and after. And I just see amazing things when we put patients on these glutathione boosters.
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