Barbara Hendel, M.D.

Barbara Hendel, M.D.
Author, Water and Salt: The Essence of Life 

Dr. Barbara Hendel graduated with degrees in economics and medicine from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich in Germany. Dr. Hendel is a medical doctor specializing in homeopathy and natural healing.

Dr. Hendel began her career as a leader in the medical research and development departments of a large pharmaceutical company. In 1993, Dr. Hendel started her own independent clinic, focusing on chronic diseases and holistic healthcare with natural healing methods.

Dr. Hendel has done extensive research on allergies and natural healing and the influence of water and natural salt on health and well-being. She also has developed an individualized dietetic program for weight loss. Dr. Hendel is the author of 6 books, 100 articles and is the publisher of a German magazine on healthy and conscious living. Dr. Hendel is the leading expert on the benefits of himalayan crystal salt and magnesium oil.  

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