Fumiki Aoki, Ph.D.

Fumiki Aoki, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Dr. Aoki is focused on supporting the scientific research and technical development of the proprietary ingredients at Kaneka Nutrients L.P. He supports on-going clinical studies in multiple arenas on all of the ingredients, as well as the development of various commercial forms of those products for differing applications.

Prior to joining Kaneka Nutrients in the U.S., Dr. Aoki worked in the New Business Development / Research & Development group of the Functional Food Ingredient Division in Kaneka Corporation (Japan). There he was a lead researcher on Kaneka Glavonoid™, from concept development thru clinical efficacy studies. He was also involved with research for discovering other bioactive dietary supplement ingredients for osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome. As well as researching ingredients in Kaneka
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