Ken Hassen, Ph.D.

Ken Hassen, Ph.D.
COO, Sigma-tau HealthScience, Inc.

Ken Hassen, Ph.D., is Chief Operating Officer of Sigma-tau HealthScience, Inc., the U.S. division of Sigma-tau, S.p.A, (Rome) Italy, the second largest pharmaceutical company in Italy.  Sigma-tau is best known for their numerous research contributions as the principal investigators into human cell mitochondrial function and is further distinguished as being a developer of orphan drug treatments for rare diseases of inborn metabolism for over 35 years.  Additionally, Sigma-tau is generally regarded as being the premier supplier of L-Carnitine products to the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries world-wide. 

Hassen, who is a biochemist and inventor with advanced degrees in international business, has held clinical lab management and senior business management positions in the area of industrial health, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, baking, beverage, animal feed and human nutritional supplements at Exxon Corp., Gist-Brocades, ConAgra and E.I. DuPont.  He is a well-known feature writer/editor within the industry and frequent radio talk show guest. 

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