Nan Lu, OMD

Nan Lu, OMD 
Doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine

Nan Lu, OMD, is a Taoist master who has the unique gift of cross-cultural communication and the ability to interpret essential, timeless spiritual and healing truths with clarity, depth, compassion and humor.  He is a high-level Qigong master and a longtime doctor of traditional chinese medicine (TCM).

Dr. Lu founded the not-for-profit educational foundation Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation to bring the body-mind-spirt healing gifts of TCM to the West.  He also serves as a clinical associate professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.  

In his private practice at the Tao of Healing, patients experience profound shifs in body, mind and spirit healing as do students of his Wu Ming Qigong School.  Dr. Lu is passionate about helping individuals understand their life's purpose and the profound impact of consciousness on true healing through Taoist philosophy, Chinese medicine modalities and modern science.  He lectures extensively and teaches advanced energy training classes, including LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong.  
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