Robert Kowalski

Robert Kowalski

Author, The Blood Pressure Cure and The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure

Robert Kowalski spent 40 years as a health writer; concentrating on heart health for the last 20 years. Kowalski was a medical journalist with background in science. He had bachelor degrees in biology and chemistry and received his masters in physiology.

His interest in cardiovascular health began on a personal level, when at the age of 35 he suffered a heart attack and had to have a bypass. 6 years later, he needed a second bypass. At that time, he decided he was not going to die young from heart problems. Using his extensive background in health and medicine, he began to research ways that he could lower his cholesterol. He found that eating oat bran and taking a niacin supplement significantly reduced his cholesterol. 

Kowalski is the author of The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure and The Blood Pressure Cure: 8 Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure without Prescription Drugs.

Kowalski passed away in 2007.


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