100 Pounds Overweight–Here's How She Lost It!

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Scott: Doctor, you're the founder of The Skinny Coach Solution.  Can you talk a little bit about your own story and what led you to figure out how to get yourself on the right track in terms of your health.

Tiffany Wright, Ph.D.: Sure, yeah, I was overweight my whole life.  Significantly over weight.  By the time I lost the weight I was 100 pounds over weight.  I guess I was for all of my 20's.  I started dieting in my... well, I was 8 when I went to my first Weight Watcher's meeting.  

Scott: Really?

Tiffany: I used to go with my mom... yeah.  Funny story.  We used to go on Monday's and whether we gained or lost, we's go to Thrifty's Drug Store.  It used to be a restaurant, a deli.  And we would have a patty melt.  And I don't know if you know what that is...

Scott: Yep.

Tiffany: but it's, you know, deep fried bread.  And since we were on a diet, we would split a sundae.  So that was every Monday after our Weight Watcher's meeting.  

Scott: Seem's appropriate.

Tiffany:  Yeah.  So I tried every diet.  I did them all.  All the way through my 20's and I was working on my Ph.D.  when I was introduced to abstinence.  I had a friend who was working with alcoholics.  And she was overweight and she said to me, and so was I, she said, 'you know I wish we were alcoholics, we could just stay away from bars.'  You know, but you can't stay away from food!  And a lot of people say this or think this, and I had too, but for some reason it hit me.  I wasn't, you know, binging on broccoli all night long.  It was certain foods.  So I wrote a list of those foods and all of them had either sugar or flour or both.  So I decided to use the abstinence model with those foods.  So I just gave up those foods completely.  And I started actually, that next day.  And one day led to the next, I was able to stay on it and lost the weight in about nine months and have kept it off since.  It's been 18 years now. 


Tiffany Wright, Ph.D., The Skinny Coach, helps others lose and maintain healthy weight. Here she discusses her story of how she was 100 pounds overweight. She talks about how she finally got to the point of losing the weight and how she did it by eliminating just a couple of ingredients.

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