16 Percent of Deaths Are Preventable!

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It’s long been known that cancer loves sugar… but new research out of Belgium is revealing how cancer cells break down sugars and stimulates cancer growth.  The research team used yeast cells for their similarity in certain proteins to tumor cells.  The study found that sugar breakdown leads to activation of these specific proteins… which stimulates multiplication in yeast and tumor cells.   The results don’t identify the cause of this process… known as the Warburg effect… but it may help lead to learning how to tailor diets for cancer patients.

What if one of the leading causes of death on the planet was preventable?  According to a recent analysis out of Canada… it is!

The study looked at the impacts of global pollution… from air… water… and soil… and found that pollution causes 16 percent of all deaths globally… more than three times the amount of deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.  The findings also revealed that pollution kills the poor and vulnerable at a disproportional rate… nearly 92 percent of pollution-related deaths occur in low and middle-income homes.

While it may seem just the opposite in your house… adolescents today are not getting enough sleep.

The importance of sleep has been well documented… but a study out of San Diego found that teens today are sleeping up to a few hours per night less than older generations.  You might be able to guess one of the reasons… yes.. .screen time.  In fact starting around 2009 when smartphone use skyrocketed… researchers found about a 17 percent increase in the following six years of students sleeping 7 hours or less.  Most sleep experts agree that adolescents need 9 hours of sleep each night… less than seven is considered inefficient sleep.

Not surprisingly… the research also showed the more time the young people spent online, the less sleep they got.

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Learn about the relationship between cancer and sugar and how it may help treat patients in the future. Also find out what one of the leading causes of death is in the world and why it's preventable!

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