2 Keys to Reducing Inflammation

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Scott: You talk about inflammation quite a bit and that being a root cause, possibly of cancer but we hear of other, so many other conditions.  How do we bring inflammation down in our body?

Dr. Charles Majors: Well, number one is, you have to, you have to watch, because number one and we look at what creates inflammation: stress, cortisol, without a doubt.  You know, every time you're stressed you raise cortisol, you're increasing your inflammatory reaction.  So mindset is crucial.  Meditating every single morning.  Relaxing.  It's not the stress, it's the perception of the stress, right?  So I'm about to get on stage in front of thousands of people.  For some people, that's going to stress them out.  But because, for me, I look at it like I'm going out and saving thousands and thousands of lives.  I have to do this.  There's no stress at all.  Even though there's stress, it's a good stress.  

So number one is stress.  Number two, is absolutely, it's foods.  We look at bad fats, we look at sugars.  We look at anything that's going to create that inflammatory reaction.  We look at food sensitivities.  Where for my wife, for example, broccoli for me, kills cancer.  You know it has sulforaphanes and everything in it.  But my wife has a food sensitivity to broccoli.  So when she eats broccoli it creates an inflammatory reaction.  So we have to watch anything and everything that can create inflammation.  So again, we don't guess, we test.  Where one person is drinking carrot juice all day long, and they reverse their cancer.  Somebody else is drinking it and they die.  Why?  Because their body had an inflammatory reaction to carrots.  It's a food sensitivity.  

So, one diet, one size fits all does not work with cancer, because everyone's body is different, their metabolism's different.  So you have to test, not guess. 


Dr. Charles Majors recovered from cancer using natural methods. Here he discusses an underlying issue in many health conditions, inflammation. Find out the two keys he talks about that can help keep inflammation at bay!

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