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Scott:  You mentioned vitality, and that was kind of one of my last points.  What are some tips that you would have for people that are in that category, that just don't have the energy and vitality, that want to get that back when they're, you know, 55, 60 plus?

Dr. Walter Crinnion: Yeah, you know, it's interesting because, in the realm of environmental toxicity, environmental medicine... You know I just showed a slide today that looked at individuals that were drinking water, their tap water was contaminated with TCE, trichloroethylene.  Trichloroethylene is the most common chemical water contaminant in the country.  The CDC has a website up, with maps of every state that you can go to to see where the TCE contamination in the water is.  This is how big of a deal it is, OK?  

Now the people that lived in this area, where this particular study was done that were exposed to water in their home, so they're cooking with it, they're drinking it, they're taking a shower in it, they're washing their clothes in it.  They had higher rates of asthma, allergy, emphysema, strokes, and now I forget what the other neurologic problem was.  There were two neurologic problems, but emphysema?  Strokes?  Well, those are old people diseases.  No, it's because they had TCE in their water!

There was a study where... Oh, this is a great one.  Outdoor air pollution.  We tend to not think much about it.  And I'm at the point where I feel that one of the first things that people should do is to drop a grand, a thousand bucks, on a high quality air filter for their home.  The research that I've been tracking over the last six years says that people who are having trouble conceiving a child, that will help.  Having a child that's not autistic, that can make the entire difference!  An air purifier in the home can make that entire difference... to having a child that's not autistic.  This is not from MAD Magazine.  This is from, you know, excellent peer reviewed journals, government journals.  Environmental health perspectives, put out by the national institutes of health.  

And there have been a couple studies on cognition.  Now the thing, everybody thinks it's aging, you lose your brain power.  For every, I think it was ten micrograms per cubic meter of air pollutants, every time that shifted higher, you had an, it was as if the person had aged two years for their cognition decline.  This was in an older population.  You put an air purifier in your home, if you're living in the middle of New York City, and you can prevent two years of brain decline?  Hello?

So, I mean there's a lot that... and I've seen this.  When I've done cleansing with people, and we do serious cleansing, full on cleansing.  Mostly because they had some real bad diseases that were, you know, holding their feet to the fire.  And the thing that I heard all the time was 'doc, I feel 20 years younger'.   And I came to realize, and this is backed up by the research, the published research.  It's not the amount of years that we add to our... or the number of birthdays that we add to our resume.  It's the amount of toxicants that we add to our body.  And that's what gets people feeling and acting old.  And having diseases we consider old.  It's the buildup.  So let's reverse that, it's easy to do.  You start with good avoidance.  Your air and your food and your water.  And you can, as I said knock out 80 percent of your circulating toxicants in, you know, two weeks, three weeks.  Just keep that lifestyle up.


Getting healthier has a lot to do with what goes in and around our bodies. Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses a couple of things we can do to see a drastic improvement in our toxic load and overall health. Find out what two simple steps can be done to help us improve health!

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