2 Tips To Start Reducing Toxins at Home!

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Scott: When we talk about every day toxins, I think people might be surprised at how many they actually run in to.  From the water they're showering in to their shampoo, their toothpaste, I mean you can go on down the line.  Where does somebody start to try to reduce that load?  It can be kind of overwhelming when you look at the list of everything you're exposed to each day.  But where can somebody start?

Dr. Edward Group: Right.  I mean I've had people that have said, 'well I don't drink tap water.  I don't have any, I'm not getting any toxins from the water.'  And I'm like, oh, really?  Do you ever stop at a popular coffee shop and get a cup of coffee?  They're like 'yeah I stop there twice a day.'  Well, guess what?  Their coffee is made with tap water and you know, you're drinking tap water.  

We always like to start with the air because cleaning up the air in the home and the work, and just being able to breath clean air is real important to the healing process and it's very easy to do.  You know, there's air purification systems out there.  I personally recommend the REME unit, because when the SARS was in China, the Chinese government put together a team to search the world for the best air purification system.  And the one they found was made by a company here in the United States actually.  And I like to support the US companies too.  And it was called RGF.  And they come out with a... they have multiple air purification systems that produce ionized hydroperoxides.  And they're very easy and very cost effective.  And you can actually put them inside your HVAC system so all the air gets purified throughout all your ducts too.  Instead of, some air purification systems where you just put down here and the ducts are still dirty.  So we start with air.  And you don't even need to do that, if you put a few live plants in your home, you know, to clean the air in your house. 

And then of course water next because water is everywhere.  And all food is cooked with water, watered with water.  Cleaning up the water supply, and then cleaning up the food.

So we start with air, then water, and then food.  And it's not like people have to eliminate or give up all the things that they like.  It's just, next time you go to the store, replace your table sugar with Himalayan crystal salt.  Next time you need some sort of sweetener, you know, completely cut out artificial sweeteners.  Your talking about people that don't understand how many toxins, but one bag of an artificial sweetener has over ten thousand toxic molecules in it.  One tiny bag.  So, yes, cut all that out and then use natural replacements.  And that's the Green Body Cleanse book that I have, actually goes through the most damaging toxins that you're putting in your body on a daily basis through food, beverages, etcetera, and in your home and how to replace those with natural alternatives.


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We come in contact with more toxins than we probably realize every single day. So how can you start to reduce your exposure and your toxic load? Dr. Edward Group discusses two areas where he helps people start reducing their exposure to toxins. You'll be surprised at how much you come in contact with without even knowing it!

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