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Scott: You have a recent book out, 2 Weeks to a Younger Brain, and that has a two week program in there, laid out.  What can people expect, what sort of results have you seen, people that go through that program and when should somebody maybe take a look at that?

Dr. Gary Small: So we found that when we study people, after two weeks of living a healthy brain lifestyle or a younger brain lifestyle, that we see objective improvement in memory performance, subjective improvement, they notice changes.  When we look at their brain scans, their brains are functioning more efficiently.  And two weeks is just enough time so that the new lifestyle choices become habit forming.  Of course two weeks is not going to make your brain younger in the long haul, but it's just enough time to develop those habits so you will continue to eat right, exercise and take care of your brain.



That's the title of the recent book written by Dr. Gary Small. Here, he discusses some of the results he's seen in people who go through the two week program and why two weeks is an important amount of time.
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